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MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylips 200, 301 & 501 Swatches + Review

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I’ve actually got a few MAKE UP FOR EVER products I still need to share with you over the next week or two, but when I was starting to work on my posts I couldn’t resist beginning with the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylips. I mean, they were sent to me in a paint can? How cute is that?

The packaging of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylip is reminiscent of the Too Faced Melteds, with a fuzzy applicator with small openings for product that you squeeze out. Somehow, I seem to have only taken photos with the lids on, but if you know what the TF ones look like it’s the same.

Inspired by acrylic paint, the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylips are available in a starting range of 10 vibrant shades, perfect for mixing and blending together. I have the shades 200 (Candy Pink), 301 (Poppy Orange) and 501 (Eggplant) which gives you a good idea of the range of the line, although there is one shade darker.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylip in 200 Candy Pink is a bright cotton candy pastel pink with a strong white base. This kind of shade is very difficult for me to wear on its own, but it can definitely be used for blending. Plus, white-based shades like this often struggle with their formula, but MUFE nails it.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylip in 301 Poppy Orange is a beautiful vibrant orange coral. When first applied, the Acrylips have a bit of a shine to them, but they do dry down a little more than the Too Faced Melteds I’ve tried. However, they are still very comfortable to wear and the finish helps keep them from moving around.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylip in 501 Eggplant is a vampy burgundy shade. In comparison to the other shades I tried, this one doesn’t have a white base and has a bit of translucency to it. I think it’s a really gorgeous winter shade that gives that “just bitten” kind of look, but it does make it a little more difficult to apply. That said, the end result is worth it!

I definitely think of MAKE UP FOR EVER as a makeup brand for makeup artists, and that is definitely true when it comes to these Artist Acrylips. If you’re looking for vibrant, bold shades that you can also mix together, I definitely recommend checking these out!

Have you tried out the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Acrylips yet? Are any of these shades on your wishlist?

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