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Mac, Sephora and DAVIDsTEA Haul (& Meeting Natalie from Ivory Avenue!)

Does it feel like I just did a DAVIDsTEA Haul? That’s probably because I did… But there was a new collection so when I was home on a visit and I met up with the lovely Natalie from Ivory Avenue I had to stop by and pick it up. We also did some (small) damage at Sephora, and I picked up two things from Mac. It was a lot of fun shopping with another beauty blogger (and tea lover) and I hope that we are able to do it again soon, although I’m sure my wallet wouldn’t mind if we waited a bit.

DAVIDsTEA Haul 2DAVIDsTEA HaulI went to DAVIDsTEA specifically with the new Carnival Collection in mind, and that’s what I ended up grabbing. I got 100 g of Carmel Corn because it smells amazing and it’s quite heavy so even that amount won’t last me a super long time. It is just as amazing as you would think it would be, and it’s also good iced. I also picked up 50 g of Pink Lemonade, which I haven’t tried yet and it’s a rooibos which I am not as big a fan of but the scent was so perfect and delicious. Finally, I grabbed about 25 g of the three remaining flavours just to test out (and hopefully review) which are Cotton Candy, Cherry Snowcone and Root Beer Float. Yum! Of course my first instinct is that if you only grab one tea from this collection, make sure it’s Caramel Corn.

Mac, Sephora and DAVIDsTEA HaulMac, Sephora and DAVIDsTEA Haul  2After DAVIDsTEA we headed where beauty bloggers must go when they meet up– Sephora! I swatched a bunch of stuff and changed my mind about a Kat Von D palette (I went for a different one instead) but I was planning to order online because of samples and also shadows I wanted that were only available there. That said, I didn’t manage to walk away empty-handed as Natalie and I noticed these Hello Kitty Get Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick Set on sale for only $10 and the testers were really creamy and nice, so each took a pack home.

The final stop at the mall was Mac, where I wanted to try out the Twig lipstick after all the love Kalyn has been giving it. Unfortunately, it was just too brown and not nice on me, but I picked up the similar shade, Cosmo which I love. I have only tried Lustre finishes from the brand before, so I’m excited to test out this Amplified Creme shade instead. The store also had the new Moody Garden collection out and I just was drawn to this shadow– it turned out to be the only one (out of five) that’s actually a permanent shade, but with a little nudging and the gorgeous swatch it gave I was convinced to grab Mac Lucky Green anyway. It’s a little brighter than my neutral love but it’s just such a pretty shade.

Afterwards we headed to my house to hang out and talk, so here’s bonus photo from our post-shopping hangout with six week old poodle puppies.

1-IMG_9502-001It was so great to meet you Natalie and I can’t wait till we get a chance to hang out again! Thanks for being such a sweet person and great shopping buddy. If you haven’t checked out her blog Ivory Avenue already make sure you do, and let me know if there’s anything you want reviewed immediately from this haul!

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