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MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever

MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever 3Even though I am often pretty conservative with my eyeshadow choices, there’s a deep part of me that LOVES GLITTER. Sometimes, I even get courageous enough to put it on my eyes, which is why I was so excited about the MAC Le Disko Collection for Summer 2015, which includes a few Dazzleglasses, a couple Superslick Liquid Eyeliners, a Brush, and of course the launch of a brand new and limited edition finish–the MAC Dazzleshadow.

MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever 4There are 12 shades available, all as single shadows, and the one I received to try out  was actually one of the shades I had my eye on the most, the MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever*. The shadows are loaded with sparkle have an almost creamy texture to them, although it does apply as a powder. There’s no gritty texture like you might expect with all that glitter, although it does feel a little different from a regular eyeshadow.




1-MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The FeverMAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever is  a grey-leaning purple with multi-colour sparkle–I especially notice an iridescent, pink and blue glitter. This shade is really stunning in person, and you can tell from my photos in the pan that it can look quite different depending on the light–I also photographed the exact same swatch at multiple angles. As you blend it out you do lose some of the underlying colour, but I think these are excellent shades to wear on their own because of how much depth they have.

MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever 2I first tried applying the MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever with a synthetic brush dry, and but I felt like I had to really pack it on (even though it is pigmented) and I honestly preferred applying it with my fingers, and then blending out with a brush. Before you scroll down and see my photos, just know that I did not do a great job blending out this time!

I also used MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever damp (with a brush) and had excellent results. I generally stay away from using shadows wet, but in this case I was just using one shadow for a look, so it wasn’t too difficult. Applying MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever damp helped increase the intensity/flash as it applied smoother, although all swatches/application in this post is done dry. I did not notice any change to the texture/surface of my shadow after using it damp.

MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever 2 MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The FeverI did have some minor fall out when applying MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever, although less when I used it damp. It lasts about 6 hours dry before there is more fall out and creasing dry, and it a bit longer when applied wet. There are primers especially intended for use with glitter shadows, and from Temptalia’s review it seems like that would be the best option for these shadows. Based on my own experience, it looks amazing for shorter wear, but could definitely use a sticky base to help it last longer.

MAC Dazzleshadow Feel The FeverMAC Dazzleshadow Feel The Fever has such a stunning depth to it, and this neutral-esque purple-grey is a fantastic way to wear to wear glitter either on its own, or with darker shadows for a stunning smokey eye.  I’m also lusting over the Dazzleshadow shades She Sparkles and Let’s Roll. Do you have your eye on any?

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