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MAC Capricious Lipstick

MAC Capricious Lipstick 2I have a (little) collection of MAC lipsticks, and I’d like to share all of them, but I decided to start with the most recent addition, MAC Capricious Lipstick. I picked this one up when shopping Jodi (see the rest of that haul) after falling in love with it online because of its similarity to another favourite shade of mine, MAC Plumful.

1-MAC Capricious Lipstick 2 CollageThe MAC Capricious Lipstick has a lustre finish, which is what 4 out of my 5 MAC lipsticks are. It’s definitely more sheer than the other MAC finishes. However, MAC Capricious is still pigmented, and I love the natural look it gives even on imperfect lips, as well as how easy to reapply and how comfortable to wear it is. I do have to reapply MAC Capricious after 2-3 hours.

1-MAC Capricious Lipstick Collage MAC Capricious is a slightly sheer rosy plum with very subtle gold shimmer in it. There is no texture to the lipstick, which feels almost like a balm to me, and is really flattering on the lips. I do find it a bit darker and less pink than Plumful, and there’s shimmer. Like all MAC lipsticks, there’s a vanilla scent but no flavour.

MAC Capricious Lipstick 3In the above photo, I paired the MAC Capricious Lipstick with my MAC Navy Times Nine Palette*. Although plum usually says fall, I think that this is definitely a shade that works year-round.

MAC Capricious LipstickOnly lovely things to say about the MAC Capricious Lipstick! I hear a lot about my other favourites Syrup and Plumful, but Capricious often seems to slip under the radar, so I wanted to gush a little about it and show off how pretty it was. Do you have a favourite MAC lipstick?

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