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Lush So White Bath Bomb

The first time I used a Lush So White Bath Bomb* I was honestly unsure of it, so this review comes after using up the second half, which I think, maybe, allowed me to finally make up my mind about it. Maybe. It’s another special for Christmas product, and I have a few of these left to review so I am trying to get them up before, you know, Christmas. But I’m sorry if there is a lurker or two, the before Christmas time is always pretty hectic for those of us in University––although in my case it’s mainly an overload of marking at the moment. But back to the bath bomb.

lush so white 2

At first glance, Lush So White is a very unassuming bath bomb. It’s 170 g, so one of the larger ones and while it costs $6.45 it can easily be broken in two. And if you decide to do so, you’ll see it’s secret. (Check out that tiny pink speck showing through the pink…)

lush so white 4Funnily enough, the Lush So White bath bomb is actually so pink. However, I think part of my problem the first time I used it came from knowing what was inside first. I just expected it to be MORE––more pink, more scented. And I was underwhelmed.

lush so white 7What I realized in my second bath using Lush So White? Sometimes it’s nice not be bombarded with scent, sometimes you just want to relax and something a little more subtle is nice. Lush So White is perfect for those moments.

lush so white 6The scent itself is lovely. It’s described as juicy apple, and I do think it has that kind of fresh fizziness to it with a hint of floral. Like I said, it’s definitely not heavy on the perfume, so if you’re a bit more sensitive to scents, I definitely recommend checking out Lush So White.

lush so white

I’m definitely glad I gave the Lush So White bath bomb some more time to grow on me, because it definitely did. I think this would be a great bath bomb for people who don’t like too much fuss, just something simple with a touch of pink, a touch of bubbles and a lovely scent. Some days, that’s exactly what I want too.

How do you prefer your baths? Do you go for something simple, or something that puts on a show?

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