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Lush Volcano Foot Mask

The Lush Volcano Foot Mask* is a product I was interested in 100% because of Lesley over at Petite Pear Style, who did an entire YouTube video (here) on this product including its application. I am not so brave… well, I actually did take some pictures of this product in use, but as you can imagine, they involved feet and that is not my favourite thing to see pictures of so I have decided to paint a picture with my words instead of having an actual picture. Sound good?

Lush Volcano Foot Mask 3

First I should probably tell you what the Lush Volcano Foot Mask actually is, because honestly I have never heard of another product like this before, but it really is a mask for your feet. All that face mask pampering sure is nice, but feet are what are doing most of the work for us, and they aren’t always in the best shape. This product helps soften, cleanse and deodorize. Basically, it is a spa for your feet. And it is amazing.

Lush Volcano Foot Mask

The Lush Volcano Foot Mask is made with ingredients like kaolin (a kind of clay), pumice, fresh tomatoes and papaya and lemon oil. It has a pretty strong scent which I don’t especially like, but luckily since it’s being applied on my feet I don’t really notice it. It has a thick consistency, and to apply you spread it into your feet. After applying I wrapped my feet in old grocery bags to stop the mask from drying out and left it for about 10 minutes (I left it a bit longer!) before rinsing with warm water.

Lush Volcano Foot Mask 4

Something you will notice immediately when using the Lush Volcano Foot Mask is that it makes your feet tingle! Like, really tingle. It actually lasted for a couple hours after I rinsed it off, and I loved it, but it may not be for everyone. In addition to how relaxed and nice my feet felt afterwards, they were also SO SOFT. Like, I am in awe of how effective this product is! It doesn’t 100% dissolve calluses in a single use, but it does help often them, and the rest of my feet were baby smooth.

I followed up with the Stepping Stone Foot Scrub* (review coming soon) on my heels, and then some Fair Trade Foot Lotion, and the whole experience was a vacation for my feet. I’m going to be doing a post on all the products I used, but the key player was the Lush Volcano Foot Mask.

Lush Volcano Foot Mask 2I have the smaller size of Lush Volcano Foot Mask and I would say it is good for 2 full applications and probably a third smaller one depending on the size of your feet and how much you apply. This size is 125g for $13.95, however the larger format of 325 g is $22.95 and I’m planning to purchase that with a Lush giftcard I got from my boyfriend when this tub runs out.

Overall, I cannot stress how much I love the Lush Volcano Foot Mask! It did exactly what it promised on my feet and I just really enjoyed using it. I think this would make a great gift, or gift to self, and I highly recommend trying it out.

What do you think about a foot mask? Is this a product you would try?

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