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Lush Valentine’s 2014

It’s pretty obvious from this blog that I love my Lush, so of course I was really excited to see 6 new products available for Lush Valentine’s 2014 celebration. I have 5 of these products, and you’ll be seeing reviews from them in the near future, but I figured I’d give you a sneak peek of what you can expect. I also have 2 bonus products in my favourite rose jam scent, but you’ll just have to wait to find out what those are.

Lush Neon Love Soap 1

Neon Love Soap* ($6.95/100 g)

We’re excited to introduce a brand new soap made especially for Valentine’s Day. With fresh passion fruit juice to cleanse and soya yogurt to nourish, Neon Love is one we want to use all over our bodies in the bath and shower. A new perfume was blended for this bar, and includes citrusy bergamot, rosewood and spicy cinnamon leaf oil. Hiding inside the huge heart-shaped soap are little white hearts to ensure every slice looks just as beautiful as it smells.

A really pretty soap, it sounds like the perfect combination of fruity and creamy to make for good lather and great scent.

Lush Love Locket 1

Love Locket* ($10.95/269g)

What’s inside this locket? You’ll need to break this heart-shaped bomb in half to find out! Use each half and the center for three separate baths (each piece is big enough to stand on its own), or sink in with the whole thing all at once. The outside layer is speckled with paper hearts that will float out to the surface of the pink water, and the hidden center releases a smattering of shiny red agar seaweed hearts to create a spectacular bath time display. The sensual blend of vanilla, jasmine and neroli essential oils top off the luxurious and indulgent experience.

This bath bomb is MASSIVE. The price tag might seem like a lot, but you can easily get 3 baths out of this and the scent is lovely too.

Lush Tender Is The Night 5

Tender Is The Night* ($11.95/60g)

You may recognize the name and fragrance of this product from Valentine’s past, but this year it takes on a new, bigger form. LUSH perfumer Simon Constantine made a perfume he called “Vanilla Orchid”; we fell in love with it and borrowed it for this product. The perfume is full of romantic essential oils, including vanilla absolute, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil. This sensual shea and murumuru butter bar is made with an aeration technique that allows the butters to melt easily onto skin for a smooth, tender massage.

This item is actually being added permanently to the collection and but it’s being introduced with Lush Valentine’s 2014 products. While is is vanilla, it’s not your traditional one and it seems lovely so far.

Lush Close To You 2

Close To You* ($7.95/43g)

Made with luxurious butters and a delicious vanilla scent, this sweet massage bar is guaranteed to bring someone special close to you! This is one of our smooshable bars, which can be pressed between your palms, melted and used for one glorious, all-over body massage. It’s inspired by a British cookie called the Jammy Dodger, which is made of shortbread with raspberry jam in the middle. If you peek in the heart-shape on the top of the massage bar you’ll see the scrumptious white fondant center.

This melts super easily so it was hard to even photograph (see my fingerprint on it!) but the scent is so delicious! I love that the Lush Valentine’s 2014 collection has 2 massage bars, it just seems appropriate.

Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel

Prince Charming Shower Gel* ($9.95/100 mL)

Lather up in our brand new, limited edition shower gel! Fresh pomegranate juice and grapefruit oil cleanse the skin while their bright, energetic scents help wake you up on early mornings. Add to that a blend of Fair Trade vanilla pod infusion, skin-softening marshmallow root and almond oil, and you’re in for royally soft, moisturized skin all over. The fragrance was made especially for this product and we think it’s an instant classic. Prince Charming is bound to sweep you off your feet!

Okay I am officially obsessed with the Lush Prince Charming scent, so fresh and yummy. I am already tempted to buy more but I still have a ton of shower gel and I’m technically on a no buy. But this is delicious!

There’s my Lush Valentine’s 2014 sneak peek! If you are interested in picking up any of the Lush Valentine’s 2014 products, they are available online now and in stores January 27th. What do you want to see a review of first?

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