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Lush Tender Is The Night Massage Bar

Next up in the Valentine’s Day Collection, I have the Lush Tender Is The Night Massage Bar*. If you love this item, or don’t have a chance to grab it right away, don’t worry because it’s becoming a part of the permanent Lush collection. Do I think that’s a good thing or a bad thing? Well, the answer is easy…

Lush Tender Is The Night 5

Lush Tender Is The Night Massage Bar* scent is described as vanilla orchid, which is basically a mix of jasmine and vanilla, along with ylang ylang oil. There’s also shea and murumuru butter to make it extra moisturizing. I find the scent really lovely, you can definitely smell the jasmine but it’s not overpowering, and it’s complimented by vanilla which is definitely one of my favourite scents.

Lush Tender Is The Night 3

I really like the Lush massage bars, even though I don’t really use them for massages, they do melt really well between your hands creating lots of lovely, scented oils for a massage. They also basically work like a solid body oil, and are incredibly moisturizing. Although it may leave your hands a bit greasy at first, I do find it adsorbs pretty well. If you have really dry skin, I think Lush Tender Is The Night is the perfect kind of product to use on it because it really coats it well. I often use these bars when I just want to quickly moisturize my hands but I bet they would be great to apply to your feet before bed as well, especially in the winter.


You only need the tiniest amount of Lush Tender Is The Night for it to work, I pretty much rub it between my hands for maybe 5 seconds because it melts so easily. I have never finished a Lush massage bar, but you can definitely get a lot of use out of it.

Lush Tender Is The Night 2

Because of how easily they melt, any massage bar including Lush Tender Is The Night definitely needs to be stored somewhere that will protect it, and I keep all three of the ones I own in tins that Lush sells, although you could also use another container. That way if it does melt, it is easy for it to resolidify in the right shape. I haven’t actually had any of my mine completely melt on me because I avoid storing them in warm areas, but I’m sure you could also just pop in the freezer for a bit if that happened.

Lush Tender Is The Night 1

There are two massage bars in the Lush Valentine’s collection, and I’ll have a review of the other one up soon, but Lush Tender Is The Night is easily my favourite which is why I picked it for my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. The scent is subtle but delicious, the product is moisturizing and lovely, and I can definitely see why Lush Tender Is The Night made it into the permanent collection!

Have you tried a Lush massage bar before?

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