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Lush Stepping Stone Scrub

When I shared my Lush Foot Favourites on Workaday Ramblings (you can see that post here), there was one product I featured but haven’t reviewed here yet, and that’s the Lush Stepping Stone Scrub*.

Lush Stepping Stone ScrubLush Stepping Stone Scrub comes in an adorable foot-shaped format, with a fantastic citrus scent from lemongrass, gardenia, lemon and lime oils. It’s the kind of scent I would definitely use on my whole body! It contains sea salt as well as pumice for exfoliating, which does a pretty good job at removing dry skin. I also find that it leaves my feet feeling quite moisturized afterwards, probably because it contains cocoa butter, and they also smell great!

Lush Stepping Stone Scrub 3The only issue I have with the Lush Stepping Stone Scrub is that you really have to break it off in pieces in order to use it. Once it gets wet it starts to crumble and dissolve so you don’t want to use the whole bar at once, or at least making sure it doesn’t get caught under running water. Even with just a piece, there’s still going to be a bit of a mess and some green hands (and feet) involved so you do have to rinse the tub afterwards.

Lush Stepping Stone Scrub 2Overall, the Lush Stepping Stone Scrub is a bit messy to use but the results and scent are great! As a part of a foot pampering ritual (of course involving the amazing Lush Volcano Foot Mask) it is a great way to add in some extra exfoliation and give some attention to an often-neglected part of my body.

What do you do to care for your feet?

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