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Lush Snowman Bath Bomb Review

I feel like it’s been awhile since I did a bath review and that’s honestly because I haven’t had time for nice relaxing baths lately. But I handed in my proposal, so I had a wonderful Sunday off (went to see Catching Fire in IMAX!) and yesterday I managed to have a bath with the lovely Lush Snowman Bath Bomb*

Lush Snowman Bath Bomb 3

Lush Snowman is actually a reformatting of the best-selling bath bomb, Butterball, into a cuter shape (and honestly, isn’t he adorable?) As soon as I smelled it, I understand why this product is so popular. Vanilla is my weakness, and Lush Snowman had me from the first sniff.

Lush Snowman Bath Bomb 4

The original Butterball is 90 g, and Lush Snowman is slightly bigger at 100 g, but although I did break him up into two (unequal–– he just didn’t break nicely like the spherical ones do) pieces I honestly think bath bombs of this size should be used in one piece. When the bath bomb is 180 g like some of the larger ones such as Lush Shoot For The Stars, breaking it in half basically gives you a bathbomb the size of the Snowman.

Lush Snowman Bath Bomb 5I do love these adorable Christmas shapes, I think they make fantastic gifts, and I particularly recommend Lush Snowman for that purpose. Not only is he cute, but he doesn’t do anything too crazy to the bathwater like change it burgundy, so I feel like he’s pretty safe that way. Instead, you just get an ultra-moisturizing bath in which there are actual chunks of cocoa butter floating in the water. Personally, I find that a tiny bit gross, but it does leave your skin super soft.

Lush Snowman Bath Bomb 2

So there are no bubbles or colour changes or surprises, which admittedly I do really like, but the reason this passes when some of the other ones I considered boring don’t is because of how moisturizing it is and also because the scent is amazing. Have I talked about the scent of Lush Snowman? If you know what Butterball smells like, you know this, but it’s a mouthwatering vanilla that smells relaxing and delicious in the bath although I don’t think it leaves a lasting scent on your skin afterwards, which is okay with me given how many different types of scented products I have.

 Lush Snowman Bath Bomb

Overall, the adorable Lush Snowman was a decent success. It’s not my favourite thing from Lush, but it smells amazing, is incredibly moisturizing, and is pretty cute. I have been very stressed lately, and this was absolutely perfect to help me relax. I also think it would be great to include in a holiday gift of any sort (it’s more winter than Christmas-themed) because it’s not over the top, but it smells amazing and is especially perfect given all the dry winter skin that’s coming up.

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