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Lush Snowcake Soap Review

I was actually a bit unsure when I got the Lush Snowcake Soap*, I couldn’t decide if I liked the scent or not. But after using it a few times to test the soap itself, a switch flicked and I was hooked on it. Writing this review now, you could not tear me away from this soap… until my other Christmas soaps arrive of course!

lush snowcake soap

Unlike quite a few of the other Lush Christmas products that are made in scents available in the permanent collection, Lush Snowcake soap is a special scent you can only get at Christmas. It’s described as creamy marzipan and sweet almonds. This isn’t a candy scent, and it is unusual, so it’s the sort of thing I think you really have to smell to know if you like it––or in my case, you have to smell for a week to know if you like it.

lush snowcake soap 3

I was a tiny bit disappointed when my Lush Snowcake arrived because the photo on the Lush website looks a little more interesting. This one just has gold shimmer on top, which easily rinses away, leaving a plain bar of soap. But once you use (and smell) it you realize it’s so much more than that!

The Lush Snowcake soap is a creamy one, while I found Lush Demon in the Dark (review here), the first Lush bar soap I tried, to be more of a clean one, less rich in both texture and lather. That’s not to say that one didn’t lather and that this one doesn’t leave me clean, but this one is definitely richer and I think that’s part of what makes it such a perfect winter soap. In addition to the great scent, it’s just really moisturizing and feels incredibly nice on your skin.

lush snowcake soap 5

The only issue I had with Lush Snowcake was how quickly I’m using it. I’m not sure if it’s because of how creamy it is, but it is being used up a lot quicker than Lush Demon in the Dark Soap, which I hardly noticed any use at all. I thought it just might be me, but Google reveals that other people have had this issue and recommend cutting of chunks to use instead of the whole bar, so I may test that out with future soaps. Because these are the only two Lush bar soaps I’ve used, I’m not sure which one is “normal” but I think the incredible lather (very difficult to photograph!) this one creates might be to blame.

lush snowcake soap 2

Overall, definitely glad that I gave Lush Snowcake a chance, the scent and the texture both hooked me in and asides from using it quicker than I expected, the thing that concerns me the most is the fact that this is Limited Edition and will disappear after the Holidays until next year.

Have you ever disliked a scent until you kept using it and then changed your mind?

*PR Sample

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