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Lush Snow Fairy Review

Lush Snow Fairy* is one of the classic Lush scents that you hear about year round but it’s only available at Christmas, so I was super excited to test out the shower gel. It smells super sweet, very similar to pink bubblegum, and this year it has biodegradable shimmer so that sparkles without creating garbage.

Lush Snow Fairy 4First up, I have to admit, absolutely nothing can compare to my love for Lush Rose Jam* (I won’t say that it has replaced Lush It’s Raining Men, but there has been some internal disagreement over which scent I like better). I actually just ordered the 500 mL of Lush Rose Jam, along with the matching perfume. So yeah, it is definitely my favourite holiday scent. But I do understand and share in the Lush Snow Fairy love.

Lush Snow Fairy 3

When I first opened up Lush Snow Fairy I was a bit concerned about the shimmer, because as fun as it is in a shower gel, I didn’t want to leave my shower sparkly. Luckily it doesn’t end up on your skin. The consistency of the shower gel is nice and it lathers very well so you definitely don’t need a ton of product.

Lush Snow Fairy 1

I would call Lush Snow Fairy a “love it or hate it” type scent, except that it’s actually one I like but am not 100% in love with (…the way I am with Rose Jam…). I do highly recommend it for anyone that loves bubble gum or really sweet scents though, which is obviously quite a lot of people because this product has a fan following.

Lush Snow Fairy 2

To be honest, if Lush Snow Fairy smelled the way it does in the bottle on my skin, I might not like it as much as I do, but I find that although it leaves behind a scent it’s one that’s a lot more mellow than the one in the bottle. I really do love the bubblegum scent, I just don’t want to leave the shower smelling like it. So although the scent is really strong in the bottle, I don’t think it’s quite as strong on your skin afterwards.

Lush Snow Fairy 5Overall, I did enjoy Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, as I really like the lather of Lush shower gels, and I also liked the bubble gum scent although it’s not my favourite by Lush. Another suggestion if you’re looking for something a little less strong but still smelling like candy, I would recommend Lush Candy Mountain*, which is quite delicious. Or pair the two products together for extra pink, extra shimmer, and extra sweet.

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