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Lush Shark Fin Soap Helps Save Sharks

LUSH Shark Fin Soap 3The only thing better than buying a product from a brand you love, is when that product also helps support an important cause. Lush regularly partners with great causes, and to celebrate Shark Week, they’ve joined up with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, Sharkwater filmmaker Rob Stewart and his organization, United Conservationists to raise awareness for sharks and stop the unnecessary slaughter for their fins.

LUSH Shark Fin Soap 2Not only does Lush have petitions available both in store and online to ban the shark fin trade (click here), but they’ve also released a limited edition soap. With the Lush Shark Fin Soap*, 100% of the price goes to the United Conservationists for a fin-free planet.

Did you know that every year up to 100 million sharks are needlessly killed for shark fin soup?

LUSH Shark Fin SoapThe Lush Shark Fin Soap is a great soap with a great cause. This turquoise soap has a bright lime scent with a subtle hint of lavender and contains ocean ingredients like seaweed and fine sea salt. I think it’s both really pretty, and incredibly refreshing to use, there’s even a cute little cardboard fin! This soap lathers really well and leaves your skin feeling quite clean, so it’s great for perking you up in the shower or as a hand soap.

LUSH Shark Fin Soap 4Unsurprisingly, it looks like the Lush Shark Fin Soap has sold out online, but you might still be able to grab it in store, and with such a great cause, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few…

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