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Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint Swatch and Review

I’ve got loads of Lush Christmas products to share with you, but first up is something a bit different than their usual bath products, it’s the Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint*, a cherry-coloured, cola-scented, limited edition lip product that’s housed in a small aluminum tin.
Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint

The Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint has a partner in crime, the Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub to exfoliate your lips which has a matching scent and colour but unfortunately I don’t have it to review yet, but I hopefully will. That said, I couldn’t wait to share this product with you because even on its own I love it! I was a bit skeptical of the cola scent, but it’s actually really nice, sweet and bubbly, I can see how the matching scrub would be quite edible.

Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint 2

I used the Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint in my very first FOTD so I’ll force you to check that out (here) for what it looks like on my lips given that my camera doesn’t show photos on the display (you have to look through the eyepiece) it’s very hard to focus on parts of my own face. I’ve also swatched it for you, both lightly (one swipe) and more heavily (three swipes) just to show you how buildable it is. I think that makes this bright red lip colour super-approachable, because it’s very easy to vary the opacity depending how much bang you want.

Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint 4

The Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint is definitely a tint and not a balm. In the tin, it’s very hard and “dry”, so that you have to rub your finger to pick up the tint and I definitely don’t think this would work with a brush. The benefit of this type of formula is that it last quite a long time on your lips, and even when I went to remove my arm swatches right after taking the photo, there was a bit of a stain left behind by the heavier one. However, it’s also quite drying on its own which means I sometimes top it off with some lip balm throughout the day although that does decrease its lasting power. I don’t think this product would be a good idea if you already had chapped lips.

Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint 3Overall, I’m really pleased by the Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint. This may be a holiday special but I’ll be wearing it year-round. It’s vegan, smells amazing, is buildable, and leaves a stain. At $8.95, even the price is pretty good. I highly recommend checking it out before it disappears!

What do you think of lip tints?

*PR Sample

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