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Lush Rose Jam Review

First things first: somebody please get me one of those ridiculous 500 mL bottles of Lush Rose Jam* shower gel that I will never finish because they are so huge and I already have way too much showergel. Hanukkah is soon, and I know family sometimes reads this blog. Got it?

Okay. Now onto the review.
lush rose jam 2

Lush Rose Jam smells like a mix of roses and vanilla, if roses and vanilla had a baby that smelled like the most amazing thing ever. I am quite in love with this scent, if it wasn’t obvious by me putting it on my October Favourites (you can find those here) after trying it just once. It really reminds me of rose jam that I tried once in London a really long time ago that was delicious (remember Laala?). They also had rose honey… hopefully Lush is reading this for future scent inspiration.

lush rose jam 4So now that I’ve gotten it out of the way that I want everything in my life to smell like Lush Rose Jam, I should probably tell you some more about the product itself. Well the consistency of it is quite nice, about what I would expect from other Lush shower gels, which means somewhere around average, not super-thick or super-watery. However I would say that they lather better than average so that you don’t need a huge amount when using them, which is probably why my 500 mL bottle of Lush It’s Raining Men has lasted me approximately 20 years (aka 3 months).

lush rose jam

Lush Rose Jam also leaves behind a hint of the scent on your skin afterwards, which I think is pretty delicious, although this is also the same scent as their body conditioner, Ro’s Argan, which I haven’t tried yet however I think it would be great for layering the scent. I’d also like them to start making clothing imbued with this smell forever. Yes please.

lush rose jam 3

However, I must end this review of Lush Rose Jam with some incredibly depressing news. Lush Rose Jam is only available until December 25th. I can only hope this love will return again next year.

How do you feel about rose-scented products? Will you go smell this already? (The second question may not have been a question…)

p.s. sorry for the gust fest, I really like this product.

*PR Sample

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