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Lush Ponche Review

Time for the last Holiday shower gel, and sadly I must end with my least favourite, Lush Ponche*. I mean, I feel like it might have been just a tiny bit obvious that I really loved Lush Rose Jam* shower gel, so I mean, I was pretty attached to it. So when I had to switch it out of my shower to test something else, that product better be pretty remarkable and although I really enjoyed Lush Snow Fairy*, Ponche just didn’t quite fit the bill.

Lush Ponche 2

The scent of Lush Ponche is actually inspired by a Mexican punch, filled with orange, plum, and cinnamon. All of that sounds really nice, but it’s the “splash of tequila” (it actually has tequila listed as an ingredient, so they aren’t joking) takes it to a place that just isn’t for me. I can see how this would be a good “morning” scent because it does wake you up a bit, but with so many Lush scents I love, I can’t see myself repurchasing this one.

Lush Ponche 3

In addition to the scent, the consistency of Lush Ponche wasn’t my favourite either. It’s more watery than Lush shower gels usually are, as you can probably tell a bit from the photo. The end result is still great, as it results in a nice lather, but I feel like I’d end up using this one a lot faster just because it’s thinner.

Lush Ponche 4

Overall, Lush Ponche is a fruity, boozy, scent and I think if you know anyone who likes those scents, or just really likes Ponche (which I’ve never tried sadly) you should definitely pick them up a bottle of this shower gel. It’s limited edition, so it’ll only be around for the holidays. If this doesn’t sound like your thing either, don’t forget to check out Lush Rose Jam* for a rose and vanilla scent, and Lush Snow Fairy* for the ultimate bubblegum shower gel.

Lush Ponche

Have you ever tried Ponche?

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