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Lush Neon Love Soap

I usually buy shower gel, but whenever I try a bar soap I remember how much I like them too. The most recent bar soap I’ve tried is Lush Neon Love Soap*, an adorable Limited Edition soap for Valentine’s Day.
Lush Neon Love Soap 1Lush Neon Love Soap is a dark pink soap with a creamy white heart-shaped centre. After using the soap, the white part does get a little pink, but the heart shape stays distinct. This soap is made with loads of good ingredients like coconut oil, fresh passion fruit, fresh figs, cinnamon leaf oil, rosewood oil, and bergamot oil.

Lush Neon Love Soap 2

From the description, I really thought Lush Neon Love soap would smell a lot fruitier and more like passionfruit, but for me what is strongest is the cinnamon and other oils, with maybe a bit of a fruity undercurrent to it. I keep smelling this soap again, thinking I will like it more, but to be honest it’s not for me. In the shower/on my skin, I actually prefer it to just smelling the bar. I also don’t find it leaves much of a scent on my skin afterwards.

The scent of Lush Neon Love soap is a little spicy and it’s probably not bad, but it’s just not a match for me. I almost feel like there’s something wrong with my bar, because I’ve read other reviews that are totally different, but that just shows that it’s personal preference and everyone make pick up different notes in the scent. Like all Lush products, if you’re unsure about it I recommend stopping by to smell in store (and make sure you check out the Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel while you’re there… yum!)

Lush Neon Love Soap Swatch

Scent aside, I really adore Lush Neon Love Soap. The mixture of the clearish outside and creamy centre make for a bar that’s really moisturizing and lathers well (though as always, that’s hard to capture on my skin). It’s also just so incredibly adorable it would make a gorgeous gift for anyone you love who loves soap.

Lush Neon Love Soap 3I’m disappointed I couldn’t give Lush Neon Love Soap the glowing review I thought it would get. It’s a moisturizing, gorgeous-looking bar that I almost really like, but the scent just isn’t a perfect match for my personal preference. At least I’ll always have Snowcake… until my bars run out, that is.

Have you smelled Lush Neon Love Soap? I’m really curious to see what others think!

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