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Lush Magic Wand Review

So the question of the week is… will I finish my Lush Christmas reviews before Christmas? I have been using and loving all these products, so I hope so! In the meantime I am doing detailed editing over 40 lab reports. It makes me wish the Lush Magic Wand* was more than just a bubble bar…

lush magic wand 7

Sadly, while the Lush Magic Wand won’t solve my ridiculous amount of work, it is quite lovely for the bath. The great thing about these bubble bars on a stick (I got one for Mother’s Day too, you can check it out in this Lush Haul), is that they are good for quite a few uses. You can see the Lush Magic Wand on the edge of the tub in these photos, and that’s after I’m done using it and you can barely tell. I would say that it’s good for 3-5 uses depending on how generous you are with it, and I will definitely get quite a few more uses out of it.

lush magic wand 6

Basically the Lush Magic Wand works like a normal bubble bar, but it’s connected to a stick, so you can run water over it, or swirl it around directly in the water, to create your bubbles. I ran the water over mine when I used it because I find you get more bubbles that way. The reason this is a holiday special is the scent– the very popular Snow Fairy (you can check out my review of the shower gel here). It’s sweet and candy like and pairs perfect with the shower gel. lush magic wand 3

Although the Lush Magic Wand gives you quite a lot of bubbles, I don’t find the bubbles to be nearly as long lasting as when I use a traditional bubble bar. There actually is a normal bubble bar in another sweet scent, Lush Candy Mountain (which I reviewed here) and it has the same pink, sparkly appeal. However, I do find the bubbles lasted longer, and the scent was also stronger.

lush magic wand 2

Another nice feature of the Lush Magic Wand is it does give a very pale pink colour to your bathwater, and I’m a sucker for coloured bath water. That said, it doesn’t add anything you have to worry about clogging your drain with. I don’t think this has quite the same moisturizing properties of some of the other Lush products, I definitely like using it with my bath.

lush magic wand 5

Overall, I really like the reusable aspect of the Lush Magic Wand, and I also think the scent is lovely and not overpowering, it creates lots of bubbles and even tints the water. I only wish the bubbles lasted a bit longer like Lush bubble bars normally do. That said, the Lush Magic Wand is just so cute and fun it would make a great gift, and I will definitely try other bubble bars in this format in the future.

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