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Lush Love Locket

Lush has an amazing collection this year for Valentine’s Day (check out my sneak peek here) and I’ve already reviewed the Prince Charming shower gel*, now it’s time for the biggest bath bomb I’ve ever tried– Lush Love Locket*.
Lush Love Locket 1

Picking up a Lush Love Locket will set you back $10.95 CAN, but it weighs in at a massive 265 g. In comparison, what I would consider the larger Lush bath bombs like Lush So White* weigh only about 170 g and I get two baths out of them. So you can definitely get three baths out of the Lush Love Locket, and in fact, that’s exactly what it’s designed to do.

Lush Love Locket 3

Unlike other Lush bath bombs that I break apart because I want to use them in two baths, Lush Love Locket is actually meant to be broken apart. Inside the bright pink heart with a locket on it, there’s a secret.

Lush Love Locket 4

Now, I will say that I didn’t have the easiest time in the world getting this bath bomb broken up, but a butter knife and a tiny bit of patience did it for me. I recommend sealing your bath bomb in a large plastic bag before breaking into it so that you don’t make too much of a mess.

Inside the Lush Love Locket is a smaller heart. The bath bomb is intended to be used for three baths–– you can break the main part in two, and then use the smaller heart for a third bath. I am just breaking mine apart in chunks and because the entire bath bomb has the same scent, and the heart inside is quite small, that works well for me.

Lush Love Locket 5

The scent of Lush Love Locket is fairly subtle, a lovely combination of jasmine, vanilla, and neroli. Although I find the scent to be more floral than it is warm, the vanilla softens the jasmine in a way that is really nice. Although it was relaxing in the bath, I didn’t find that it left any scent on my skin afterwards.

Lush Love Locket 6

One thing I noticed was that the Lush Love Locket dissolved a lot faster in the water than most of the other bath bombs I’ve used– by the time I managed to take a photo, most of it was already gone!

Lush Love Locket 7

The Lush Love Locket bath bomb itself is filled with heart.  The inner heart, which I didn’t use, has ones made of red agar seaweed. The outer heart is simply filled with little paper hearts that float around you in the water and look quite pretty. The only problem is unlike the agar hearts, the paper hearts don’t dissolve. The reason I don’t like the paper hearts is because you either have to put your bath bomb in a stocking to avoid getting them in a bath at all, try cleaning them up as/before you drain your tub, or wash them down the drain. I thought they were a lot of fun floating in my bath, but I’d rather they be made of a material that dissolved.

Lush Love Locket

In addition to the hearts, The Lush Love Locket also turns the water a light shade of pink, which would be brighter if you used more of the bomb. I’m a bit picky about what colours of bathwater I like, but I thought this shade was really nice. I didn’t get any bubbles with this bomb. Although this isn’t sold as a moisturizing bath bomb, and definitely isn’t as moisturizing as the ones that are, I still find that all of the Lush bath bombs leave my skin feeling nice and smooth afterwards.

Lush Love Locket 2

Overall, I think the Lush Love Locket bath bomb is a lot of fun and would make a great gift. I really enjoyed the scent, the colour and the sheer size of it.

Do you use bath bombs? How do you feel about “things” floating in your water? I know it’s not for everyone, but I definitely don’t mind as long as the clean up isn’t too difficult.

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