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Lush The Immaculate Eggception – Pink

Lush The Immaculate Eggception (Pink)* was the first product I tested out from my Lush Easter 2014 Haul (here) because, well, it was so cute and it smelled so good and it was really easy to break up.

Lush The Immaculate Eggception 2

Lush The Immaculate Eggception is a massive (245 g) bath bomb that is intended to be used for three baths– it is shaped like an egg, and you break it open, resulting in two halves and a special bath bomb inside (mine was a little yellow chick!). Mine actually broke open in transit, almost exactly along the right lines, which shows that it is definitely not difficult to break apart. I used half the egg shell for a bath and it was more than enough, so I think three is the minimum number of baths you can get from this product, and depending how you broke it up you could probably get four.

Lush The Immaculate Eggception 4As adorable as it is, it was definitely the scent that attracted me to Lush The Immaculate Eggception, which is most strongly vanilla (my favourite) along with a hint of citrus due to grapefruit and lemon oil. I have the pink bath bomb, but there is also a yellow one with the same scent. Admittedly, do I do prefer pink bathwater to yellow though!

Lush The Immaculate Eggception

A third of Lush The Immaculate Eggception does add plenty of bath bomb awesomeness to the water though, it turned a light pink and was moisturizing as well, leaving my skin nice and soft after the bath. The scent is definitely obvious– even before I added the bath bomb to the water my bathroom smelled like it– but it doesn’t feel overwhelming, just delicious. There is no glitter or other surprises in the bath bomb, so there is also no cleanup afterwards and the end result is very relaxing.

Overall, I am a big fan of the Lush The Immaculate Eggception. Lush bath bombs that break open are a lot of fun and I think this would make a really fun addition to an Easter basket. I don’t actually celebrate Easter, but that doesn’t stop me from loving these adorable products and I can’t wait to test out and share the rest of my Lush Easter 2014 items with you!

What do you think of bath bombs with surprises inside like the Lush The Immaculate Eggception?

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