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Lush Honey Lumps

I was testing out a bunch of Lush Honey products since it is one of my favourite ingredients, and one of the products I was most excited about was the online-exclusive Lush Honey Lumps Bath Bomb*. Unfortunately, it was also the most disappointing of the five products that you will see featured tomorrow.

Lush Honey Lumps 2I usually break Lush bath bombs into two, but I didn’t have much luck with Lush Honey Lumps (probably my fault) so I actually dumped the whole thing in my bath at once. It had a lovely light honey fragrance mixed with tangerine and myrrh, and contains bits of honey that dissolve in the bath. Although it initially made my bath a bit milky that soon disappeared and other than a slight fragrance a subtle hint of moisturization I really didn’t notice much from this bath bomb. I usually share photos of how a bath bomb looks when dissolved, but in this case, there’s not much to see.
Lush Honey LumpsThe Lush Honey Lumps Bath Bomb is targeted at people with sensitive skin, and I can see how it would work for that because it’s not too much different than taking a bath in plain water but with some ingredients that might be calming and nice for the skin. However, I prefer something a little more exciting which is why I’ll be sticking to any of the many Lush bath bombs I adore in the future instead.
Have you tried Lush Honey Lumps? What’s your favourite bath bomb?

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