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Lush Happy Hanukkah Gifts

Yeah, for awhile I was so good and there were all these updates and I felt so on top of the blogging world but then something happened called I have to write my PhD proposal and that has basically taken over. But I’m still going to try to post when possible, and comment when I can, but if you see me missing just send me happy proposal writing vibes because I can seriously use it! In the meantime, I got a wonderful surprise from Lush I wanted to share because I think this is basically the perfect Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift*, or basically a gift for anyone who loves delicious bath and body products.

lush happy hanukkah gift

Like all their gifts, the Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift comes pre-wrapped in gorgeous paper, 100% ready for gift-giving. I wasn’t expecting Lush to send me this (thank you!) so I can testify firsthand to what a gorgeous surprise it is and how much fun it is to receive. It comes with a gift tag that you can fill out, although that also spoils the contents of the gift, so it’s up to you whether you’d want to leave it attached or not.

lush happy hanukkah gift 2

Inside, the Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift is very well packaged with the foam that melts when you run it under water. It also contains four gorgeous goodies, three of which are from their permanent collection and one that is special for the holidays.

The Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift retails for $27.95 which is pretty reasonable, and about $2 more than the total retail value of all the items individually, so there is a small cost being paid for the packaging.

lush happy hanukkah gift 3

Inside the Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift is:

  • Avobath Bath Bomb
  • The Olive Branch Showergel
  • Ice Blue Soap
  • Gold FUN (LE)

I love that each of these products has a different scent and function, which means it is definitely a bath in a box. I also love that there’s a reason behind why each item was selected for the gift. The Ice Blue Soap is the perfect blue and white colour for Hanukkah, while the Olive Branch Showergel and Avobath Bath Bomb are both filled with olive oil to celebrate the miracle of oil, and the Gold FUN is shaped like a piece of Hanukkah gelt (how adorable! That’s definitely my favourite little touch and something you can’t purchase separately from the box.)

lush happy hanukkah gift 4

And if the Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift isn’t enough, or if you’re looking for something a little smaller (this one costs only $6.95) for the upcoming holiday, I mentioned to Lush that their Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt* would be a perfect addition. The only thing that could make it better is if the star had six points instead of five.

lush happy hanukkah gift 5

However, inside the Lush Star Light, Star Bright, there is a special surprise… It’s blue! Blue and white and silver and glitter, it turns your bathwater a sparkly light blue that I think is perfect for Hanukkah. It’s incredibly moisturizing and smells amazing with lavender, ginger, and lime.

lush happy hanukkah gift 6

Overall, I think that the Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift is an adorable and thoughtful gift, and if you’re looking for something smaller or just an extra, I highly recommend the Lush Star Light, Star Bright Bath Melt.

I absolutely love that Lush did something to celebrate this holiday in the midst of all their Christmas goodies. The Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift is North America exclusive, and quite limited edition, so you should definitely make sure to grab a box if you’re interested–– especially with only 10 days left til Hanukkah!

*PR Samples

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