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Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide

Lush Hanukkah Gift GuideLush is well known and loved for their Limited Edition Christmas products, but they actually have a nice selection of wintery gifts perfect for Hanukkah as well. Of course, not celebrating Christmas doesn’t restrict you from enjoying the festive treats but I thought I would share a little Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide including three great products for the Jewish holiday.

Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide 4Lush So White Shower Gel* is one of two brand new shower gel scents for the holiday season. It’s a shimmery white shower gel with the same crisp apple scent as the So White Bath Bomb, which I reviewed last year. Like the bath bomb, it is a bit subtle, although I actually prefer the shower gel as I find the scent more noticeable. It is one of the more liquidy shower gels, but not only is it really pretty in the bottle but the scent is really nice too. I’ve included this wintery treat in my Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide, but it’s definitely the kind of product that is friendly to any kind of holiday, especially because it has a less obvious “Christmas” scent to it.

Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide 2Before Lush Snowman Shower Jelly* I had never tried the product before, and I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to think of the wibbly-wobbly product. This one is adorable because it’s actually shaped like a snowman if you take it out of the container, and the only part that sucks is that you have to break off pieces of him to use it up. It’s difficult to hold onto, so it really doesn’t work well as a bar of soap, or just mushed in your hand, and is best off if you crumble a piece into a loofa for lots of bubbles. The packaging also suggests putting it into the fridge, but I like my showers hot! Scent-wise, I am obsessed with this, as it’s fresh and fruity and leaves my skin smelling delicious. Ingredients included bergamont, lemon oil, and a carrot infusion.

Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide 3 The final option in my Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide is of course the Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift Set*. I actually shared this is my Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide last year, but it has changed slightly–no bath bomb or bar soap but there’s some of my absolutely favourite Lush Celebrate Body Lotion instead. I LOVE this lotion, and finished up a full tub of it last year. The gift itself has gone down in price from $28 to $19 (CAN) so it understandably feels smaller, however the contents are still well-curated and great products.

Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide 5The Lush Happy Hanukkah Gift Set includes a “coin” or Hanukkah gelt made of Gold FUN (reviewed here) which has the yummy Honey I Washed The Kids scent honey-toffee scent to it, as well as a small bottle of The Olive Branch Shower Gel to celebrate the miracle of oil that Hanukkah is all about. I have finished up a bottle of this shower gel recently, and it has a nice soft scent to it and is moisturizing but just isn’t as much of a standout as others from Lush. Of course, all three of these products are sold individually and would make great gifts on their own, but the pre-packaged gift definitely saves you the work!

Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide 6Overall, I’m always excited to see that despite being known for their Christmas products, Lush has some great products to share in my Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide as well! Other good options include the So White Bath Bomb, First Snow Dusting Powder, and Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt. My personal favourite from the ones in this post is the Lush Snowman Shower Jelly, cause I just can’t imagine somebody not finding the scent delicious and the product adorable, and of course I’m always obsessed with the Celebrate Body Lotion and maybe need to pick up a full size container.

Have you tried any products from the Lush holiday range? I have a few Christmas suggestions coming soon as well (cause you know I couldn’t resist those either!)

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