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Lush Halloween 2016

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Can you believe this is the fourth year in a row I’m sharing Lush Halloween launches on Writing Whimsy? Man, this blog is getting old! But no matter how old it is, I’ll never stop being excited about a release that celebrates two of my favourite things–Lush bath products, and my birthday, Halloween. Basically it’s like Lush is creating a special collection just for me, and this year they went all out with loads of new (and limited edition) releases, and I have 5 of them to share with you today.

lush-boo-luxury-bath-melt lush-boo-luxury-bath-melt-2How adorable is this Lush Boo Luxury Bath Melt? The scent is a mix of citrus with a kick to it from ginger. It’s made with cocoa butter and dissolves into the water, leaving behind light bubbles and turning the water a milky white. My skin was so soft and smooth after having this bath!

lush-pumpkin-bath-bomb-2 lush-pumpkin-bath-bomb

Jack-o’-Lanterns are one of my favourite parts of Halloween, so I was really excited to see the Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb. It has an unusual, sweet and spicy scent that mixes pimento, vanilla and cinnamon. It reminds me a little bit of Christmas, the Cinders Bath Bomb in particular. It’s absolutely gorgeous in the bath, a mix of yellow and orange.

lush-autumn-leaf-bath-bomb lush-autumn-leaf-bath-bomb-2Another new, stunning option is the Lush Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb. I appreciate that this bomb bath is pretty easy to break in half since it has an unusual shape, and when it dissolves it’s a mix of all the fall colours in the tub, yellow and red and green. Scent-wise this one isn’t my favourite because I tend to prefer the sweet or vanilla scents, but it is very Fall with a mix of bergamot, neroli and sandalwood. It’s actually the same scent as the retired Lush Grass Shower Gel, so if you missed that fragrance, definitely pick this one up!

lush-monsters-ball-bath-bomb lush-monsters-ball-bath-bomb-2I am pretty obsessed with everything about the Lush Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb. It’s basically the most adorable bath product out there, and the scent is a lime and neroli mix, previously available in the Calcalcas Shower Jelly and Enchanter Bath Bomb. This citrus and floral blend still has a hint of sweetness in it from dark chocolate, but the best part is when you put in the bath. Pink on the outside and blue on the inside, the water is absolutely stunning.lush-fireside-soap

If you’re not totally addicted to baths like I am, then the Lush Halloween 2016 Collection has not forgotten you! There are two new bar soaps, including the Lush Fireside Bar Soap, which is absolutely stunning and has a spicy, sweet scent to it. The fragrance is a mix of clove and vanilla, while the soap itself is made with a base of rapeseed and coconut oil. I actually don’t find it especially moisturizing, it lathers and cleans well but I find the “clear” Lush soaps to work better as a hand soap for me. Plus, this is so gorgeous you wouldn’t want to hide it away in the shower!


Also available this year is one of my favourite bath bombs, Lord of Misrule (previously reviewed here, and here), Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (previously reviewed here and here), Lord of Misrule Shower Cream (previously reviewed here) and a new sparkly Goth Fairy shimmer bar and Magic Wand pomegranate soap.

Honestly, I think this is Lush’s biggest and best Halloween Collection yet and I’m so excited by the new additions! While Fireside is a beautiful soap, Pumpkin, Monsters’ Ball and Autumn Leaf all create spectacular shows in the bath–with no glitter, so the clean up is super easy–and Boo is really amazing and moisturizing on the skin. Really, there’s something for everyone…or five things for me, because hey, it’s my birthday and I’m not sharing!

Will you be picking up any of the new Lush Halloween 2016 releases? Let me know!

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