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Lush Halloween 2014

1-IMG_5036The yearly Lush Halloween collection combines two things I love, Lush, and Halloween. Last year they released four products for the holiday, and this time around there are even more, three of which I tried out. In addition to the Sparkly Pumpkin*, Sparkler*, and Wizard*, there’s also the return of the Lord of Misrule which is an amazing green bath bomb with a burgundy centred I reviewed last year.

1-Lush Halloween 2014 CollageLush Sparkly Pumpkin is a bright citrus bubble bar that reminds me of a more adorable (and sparkly) Brightside. Despite all the shimmer, I didn’t have any real issues with needing to clean up the bathtub afterwards, so that was nice. Apparently this is the same scent as the Mr. Punch soap, which is a bit more orange candy and less genuine orange. I used half in my bath tub because since I’ve moved I have a much smaller tub, but it still turned the water orange and I was able to get plenty of bubbles by crumbling it under running water. It left a faint scent behind on my skin, which I then slathered in yummy Satsuma body butter.

1-Lush Halloween 2014 2 CollageThe Lush Sparkler is a bath bomb in a brand new shape that is available for Lush Halloween 2014, all the way through the holiday season. I actually like this shape because if you want to get multiple uses out of your bath bomb, it’s much easier to break in half. Inside there’s a sparkly orange core. VERY sparkly. I used half the bath bomb and it turned my water a slightly floursecent yellow (not my favourite) filled with tons of shimmer. The shimmer was really pretty in the bath, but honestly a hassle to clean up afterwards. The reason I was interested in this bath bomb was definitely the scent, I have talked a lot about how much I love Lush Rose Jam and this bath bomb has that amazing scent! It’s also quite nice on the skin, but I prefer something like the Rose Jam Bubbleroon which has the amazing scent, minus the glitter cleanup.

1-Lush Halloween 2014 3 CollageOf course I save the best for last. How adorable is the Lush Wizard Bubble Bar from the Lush Halloween 2014 Collection? I also got away with using half in my bath, and the resulting shade was definitely my favourite of the bunch, a gorgeous purple with loads of bubbles. It has a fresh and relaxing scent, and lots of essential oils including tangerine, juniperberry and fennel which are soothing and moisturizing on the skin. Definitely worth picking up!

Well that’s it for the products I tried from the Lush Halloween 2014 Collection. As always, Lush does an amazing job, but my personal favourite is easily the Lush Wizard Bubble Bar. So adorable! Have you tried any of these products? Which one interests you the most?

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