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Lush FUN Christmas

Well, this post is late, but not too late for Boxing Day sales, and Lush has an amazing BO1GO1 free promo going on starting at 9 am EST. I will have to set my alarm! If you are shopping their goodies either online or in store, you will definitely want to check out the Lush FUN Christmas* gift set featuring limited edition Lush Gold FUN which smells like the amazing It’s Raining Men honey toffee scent.

Lush Gold FUN 3

Lush FUN Christmas is a gift set containing three different flavours of FUN in smaller packages. It’s a great way to test out the product and even the packaging is a gorgeous reusable box. Lush Gold FUN 4

Inside, Lush FUN Christmas contains 50 g of Green FUN (lemon and lime),  50 g of Red FUN (mandarin) and 50 g of Gold FUN (honey toffee). I was originally drawn in by the Gold FUN, but honestly all three products smell absolutely amazing. Lush Gold FUN 5Lush Gold FUN 6

Now the question that you may be wondering is, it looks cool, it smells great, what exactly is FUN? it’s a 4-in-1 product: soap, bubble bath, shampoo and moldable toy. Personally, I would only use it for 3 of those 4 purposes (I’m not sure about shampoo) but it does each of those jobs really well. The first thing I had to test out was the moldable toy though.
Lush Gold FUN

So obviously I made a festive (but pretty ugly) Christmas tree. This kit definitely has the right colou rsfor the season. It’s basically like working with a kind of play doh. I didn’t find it super easy to work with immediately but it does warm up in your hands and it is a lot of FUN. I definitely understand how this is a great gift for kids, but I know plenty of adults (myself included) who would really enjoy it.

Lush Gold FUN 2


Of course I had to try out the Lush FUN Christmas set in the bath as well. I used a small chunk of the Gold FUN as bubble bath and as you can see in my photo it did a decent job. I also tested it out as a soap, and that’s probably my favourite use. You can basically use it like you would a bar soap and just make sure to store it in a dry place, well-sealed, when you’re not using it. It left my skin smelling faintly of the delicious toffee scent and I loved it. I didn’t try it out as a shampoo but I can imagine you would be able to use it just like a solid shampoo bar. My hair is just a bit finicky for something not intended solely for hair.

Lush Gold FUN 7

Ultimately, the Lush FUN Christmas set was a great success for me and I am a huge fan of the Gold FUN. I definitely recommend grabbing some before it disappears, or if you haven’t tried FUN before testing out this set for $9 (especially when it’s BO1GO1 free!) is a fantastic deal. You can also grab 250 g of just Gold Fun for $7 and it may find its way into my shopping cart on December 26th. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and I hope you had a lovely day whereever you are and whatever you celebrate!

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