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Lush Fluffy Egg

Lush Fluffy Egg* is a bath bomb from the Lush Easter 2014 Collection, which is bright pink and has a small flower on both sides of it. It’s limited edition for the holidays, and it smells like the candy-sweet Snow Fairy.

Lush Fluffy Egg

I’m actually using my Snow Fairy Shower Gel right now, and since Lush Fluffy Egg has the same scent it seemed like a perfect match to combine in my bath. If you are sad because you already used up all your Snow Fairy (I know I will be) and it won’t be back until December, well then you should definitely pick up a Lush Fluffy Egg in the meantime. I’d also say that even though this smells like Snow Fairy, it isn’t quite as strong a scent, and especially since I broke it in half to get two baths out of it, it wasn’t super strong in the bath (although you could definitely notice it).

1-Lush Fluffy Egg Collage

I wouldn’t say Lush Fluffy Egg is the most exciting bath bomb ever– it isn’t the most moisturizing out there and it doesn’t have glitter or hearts in it, it just turns the water a light pink. There are more glamorous bath bombs out there, and if you want a real, over-the-top, Lush experience I do recommend the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt instead. However, I loved pairing my matching shower gel and bath bomb together to layer the delicious scent. Sometimes I just enjoy a simple bath with a delicious scent and colour, and that is exactly what Lush Fluffy Egg delivers.

Have you ever used the Snow Fairy scent from Lush? Would you pick up this bath bomb?

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