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Lush Easter 2017 Collection

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Lush Easter 2017

It’s my favourite holiday of the year. LUSH. I mean, I can’t think of anything better than new Lush, so I was thrilled when a few pieces from the Lush Easter 2017 Collection arrived earlier this week. Sadly, between the late arrival and my boyfriend’s birthday, I have only had time for showers, so I haven’t tested the second half of these goodies out yet but I wanted to share them while you still had time to grab them before Sunday. I definitely plan to have a relaxing bath (or two!) this weekend though, so make sure you follow me on Instagram and I’ll update my stories when I do.

First up is the Lush Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel, a seasonal floral offering that blends jasmine, gardenia and rose for a sweet, slightly musky scent. This is definitely one of the thickest shower gels I’ve tried from Lush, and it includes ingredients like carrot infusion for glowing skin and rose oil and sunflower for hydration. I like the fragrance but it’s not my favourite from Lush, however I absolutely adore the consistency and moisturizing results of the shower gel. No squeaky-clean feelings here!

Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub

My lips have been in TERRIBLE shape lately so the Lush Chocolate Lip Scrub arrived just in time. I love these scrubs, although they can be a bit messy, they are effective and smell delicious. I actually wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a chocolate scent but it’s dark chocolate with a citrus kick to it that makes it smell like a Terry’s chocolate orange and just like when I get one of those…I won’t be sharing this.

Lush Chick 'N' Mix Bath Bomb 2One of the adorable new offerings for Lush Easter this year is the Lush Chick ‘N’ Mix Bath Bomb. This baby chick is three parts–and it’s pretty great you don’t even have to crack it open because I always make a mess doing that. Inside is a little baby bunny (although mine really just looked like an egg). This bath bomb is so cute, but the best part is the scent. It’s a sweet mix of caramel with some citrus and I find it absolutely delicious. Luckily I get to enjoy it for 2-3 baths!

Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubble BarFinally, there’s the Lush Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bars, which I’ve actually tried in the past, but since then they’ve been updated to contain carrots of different colours, which is extra fun. With this adorable bunch you get 3 to 7 different baths, and you can use one at a time or mix them up to create whatever colour bubbly water you want. The bars are fragranced with bucho oil for a fruity, blackcurrant scent as well as some lemon and bergamont. Definitely the kind of carrots I could have every day and not get sick of them…

Lush Easter 2017 2

I swear after the past few months I need a relaxing bath more than ever and luckily Lush has me covered with these amazing Easter products. I think there’s a perfect mix of fragrances and options, and everything is really adorable, so I think these would make the perfect Easter basket gift. In addition to the products shared here, there’s a Golden Egg (reviewed here) and Which Came First? (reviewed here, under a different name) bath bombs plus a few other fun products.

Have you picked anything from the Lush Easter 2017 Collection? Let me know!

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