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Lush Easter 2016 Collection

Lush Easter 2016 Collection 2Happy Easter to everyone celebrating! I’m actually Jewish, but I’m happy to get on board with all the Easter-themed products, especially when it comes to Lush and mini eggs. Since I have no family plans I’m hoping to spend the rest of the day blogging, doing a little work, and catching up on the 7 episodes of The Mindy Project I have left! With that in mind, let’s get start on task 1, which is sharing the Lush Easter 2016 Collection with you before it disappears forever…

The Lush Easter 2016 Collection is actually quite extensive, but I was sent three great products to try out, the Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt*, Lush Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb* and Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar*. Unfortunately they only arrived on Wednesday which means I had a lot of bath-taking to do over the past couple days. Okay that wasn’t too much of a struggle!

Lush Golden Egg Bath MeltFirst up is the Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt. This returning favourite has one of my favourite scents in the world, the Honey I Washed The Kids honey fragrance. There’s a bath bomb exterior coated in gold sparkle with all the moisturizing properties of a bath melt on the inside.

I absolutely loved the Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt when I first reviewed it in 2014 (check out that post here to see what it looks like in action–as much as I wanted to I didn’t have a chance for a third bath this weekend!) It smells amazing and left my skin super soft. The only semi-issue I have this time around is there is a lot of glitter. It was really messy to even handle for these photos (as you can clearly tell) and that means I’m dreading the bath cleanup, but it’s worth it for the wonderful scent and sparkle!

Lush Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb Lush Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb 2A newly launched product this year is the Lush Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb. It’s a larger bath bomb shaped like Humpty Dumpty that breaks open to reveal–spoiler alert–a fried egg. For some reason the egg in mine didn’t want to separate it, but once I put a chunk of it in the bath it didn’t matter.

The fragrance of the Lush Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb is a delicious caramel that I really love, and it turns the water a perfect mermaid blue. You can check out a video I took of it in action here. I desperately hope that it is brought back again because I am in love!

Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar 2 Lush Ultraviolet Bubble BarI absolutely adore Lush Bubble Bars including Comforter (featured here) and Brightside (reviewed here) so I was pretty excited to test out the Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar. This has a very floral scent thanks to violet, ylang yalng, and jasmine. These large bars are easily enough for three baths although I ended up using almost half because I was lazy about breaking it apart.

Honestly, the Lush Ultraviolet Bubble Bar gives me one of the prettiest baths I’ve ever experienced from Lush. In addition to loads of long-lasting bubbles, it turns the water a bright, shimmering purple. You can see the video I took of it in action here. Although the fragrance is really strong before adding it to the bath, it is really nice and soothing when used. The combination of the scent and the water left me feeling so relaxed–I wish this was a permanent product!

Lush Easter 2016 CollectionMy biggest temptations at Lush are always things you add to the bath water so I was really excited to try out these three products from the Lush Easter 2016 Collection. I highly recommend all three, with the exceptions being that you must like glitter for the Golden Egg and floral fragrances for Ultraviolet–but seriously, everyone needs Humpty Dumpty!

Other Lush Easter products I previously reviewed include the Snow Fairy-scented Lush Fluffy Egg and another break it open bath bomb the Lush Which Came First? (previously Lush The Immaculate Eggception) so make sure to check out those posts as well.

How are you spending Easter? If it’s a busy weekend I hope you have the chance to relax at the end with a nice Lush bath!

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