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Lush Demon in the Dark Soap Review

The final product from my Lush Halloween goodies stash is my first bar soap from the store, Lush Demon in the Dark Soap*. Like Ceridwen’s Cauldron, this is a re-promoting from the permanent line that just so happens to be perfect for Halloween. I mean look at it:

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap 3
Unfortunately, as I initially expected, while the appearance is amazing, the actual scent of Lush Demon in the Dark Soap is just not quite up my alley. I really love sweet scents like vanilla and sugar and honey, and this soap is full of peppermint, spearmint and clove. It also contains apple juice but although that may help with the cleaning properties of the soap, scent-wise I just don’t get it.

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap 5

I do think that Lush Demon in the Dark soap is a great one to grab for the mornings, as all that mint really does wake you up. It does leave a scent behind on your skin, but it’s not nearly as overpowering as I find the bar itself to be. This is definitely what would be described as a “masculine” scent, and combined with the the lack of glitter in the soap, I think it would make a good gift for a male.

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap 6

One of the neat things about Lush Demon in the Dark Soap is that it is partially covered in a layer of black wax. I have read a lot of online reviews that didn’t realize that the wax was actually a thick piece adhered to the soap, and went to use it and found it didn’t lather well. So I decided to share the entire peeling off process for my bar (there’s another piece of wax on the other side). The wax protects the soap because it contains volatile essential oils, so you should only peel off the wax when you’re ready to use it. I know some people might find this annoying, but I thought it was a lot of fun to do and what was revealed underneath was gorgeous.

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap 7

This soap is $7.95 for 100 g (a piece the size of the one in these photos) which may seem expensive but one of the thing I know about bar soap is it generally lasts a long time, just make sure not to store it exposed to water. Like I said, I don’t generally use bar soap, in fact I love my Lush It’s Raining Men Showergel (featured here in my August Favourites) but I actually got a really good lather from Lush Demon in the Dark Soap which I tried to show as best as I could with a photo, a bit difficult. It’s not as foamy as the showergel but it does spuds and make it really easy to wash with, leaving my skin feeling quite clean and refreshed.

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap 1

Using Lush Demon in the Dark Soap has definitely made me more willing to pick up bar soap in the future–– I won’t say I’m 100% converted, but I have been eying their Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, which has the same delicious honey scent as It’s Raining Men.

Lush Demon in the Dark Soap 4Overall, while the scent of Lush Demon in the Dark Soap was a tad too strong for me, the soap itself was really lovely and if you like mint or just want something really neat for the Halloween season, I highly recommend checking this out!

Do you use bar soap? Let me know if you’ve got a Lush favourite!

*PR Sample

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