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Lush Close To You Massage Bar

The Lush Valentine’s Day collection includes two massage bars that are both scent-wise and consistency-wise incredibly different from each other. The first one I featured was Tender Is The Night* (see my review here), and now I have the Lush Close To You Massage Bar*, which is sadly my final Valentine’s Day Lush product!
Lush Close To You 2

Lush Close To You Massage Bar has the same scent as the Rock Star Soap, which I also experienced in the Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar* over Christmas (see my review of that product here). I really liked the scent then, and I still love it now. It is definitely a candy scent, based in delicious vanilla (which I notice more in this creation than the last one). Although Lush Tender Is The Night is also a vanilla sweet, it is much more subtle, and the jasmine means it smells very, very different from this.
Lush Close To You
The consistency of Lush Close To You Massage Bar is extremely soft and melty. I had a hard time getting it out of the container without damaging it, and you can tell in my photos there is a fingerprint from me touching it. When you have it in your hands, it melts almost instantly, which is very different from Tender Is The Night that requires more warm to begin to melt. Lush calls this a “smooshable” bar, able to be smooshed between your hands for use in one massage. You could also cut it into pieces and use it that way for massages as you definitely don’t need the whole thing to get tons of oils. For my use as an amazing hand moisturizer, I do prefer something a bit harder and a bit less messy, but for an actual massage this is probably better.

Lush Close To You 6

The first time I “swatched” the Lush Close To You Massage Bar I did find that the pink part of it left a faint pink stain behind on my skin. When I later used it normally by just massaging it between my hands, I didn’t have that problem. I’m not sure if it has to do with how quickly the oils are absorbed, but it’s definitely something to be careful of. The other two massage bars I have from Lush are both white so I haven’t had this problem before.

Lush Close To You 5I definitely found the Lush Close To You Massage Bar to be extremely moisturizing. It does leave behind an oil feel though, so this is a product I prefer to use at night so that I wake up with extremely hydrated skin. It definitely needs to be stored in a container safely away from too much warmth because of how melty the bar is, though you can always put in the freezer for a bit if it does melt.

Lush Close To You 3

Ultimately, my pick from the Valentine’s Day massage bars is definitely Lush Tender Is The Night, but the sweet scent and moisturizing ability of Lush Close To You massage bar is fantastic. I also love that it leaves behind some the delicious scent on your skin so when I use it at night I can go to bed smelling yummy. Unlike the other bar, Lush Close To You Massage Bar is limited edition so I definitely recommend checking it out now if you’re interested, it would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift!

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