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Lush Christmas Gift Guide

Lush Christmas Gift Guide 5Last week I shared a Lush Hanukkah Gift Guide with some of my favourite products from the brand for the holiday (Happy Hanukkah to any of you currently celebrating!). This week I’m back with a Lush Christmas Gift Guide, although the fact that I’m Jewish doesn’t stop me from enjoying these goodies, they definitely have more of a Christmassy feel to them.

Lush Christmas Gift Guide 2I’ve actually never tried a cleanser from the brand before, but I know that Lush Buche de Noel* is a cult favourite so I was glad to test it out this year.  It’s described as a face and body cleanser, and although it can certainly work on both it would be a lot more expensive if you used it on your body instead. It has a very sweet smell that’s a bit strong for me, and the ingredients (which you can actually see when you look at it) include ground almonds, fresh mandarin, dried cranberries and cocoa butter. This is a really great cleanser for the winter because the almonds gently exfoliate, while the cocoa butter helps moisturize. It’s also a bonus that the Lush Buche de Noel comes in one of Lush’s black pots, because you can return 5 for a free face mask.

Lush Christmas Gift Guide 3One of the shower gels from last year, Ponche, which I wasn’t a big fan of, isn’t bad this year and instead Lush has two brand new limited edition shower gel scents which are So White (reviewed here) and Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel*. I really like the brand’s shower gels, which aren’t at all drying on the skin, and this one is no exception. It has a spicy ginger cinnamon scent and a subtle festive gold shimmer to it, making it a great choice to help warm up on those cold winter mornings.

Lush Christmas Gift Guide 4 I love the cleanser and shower gel, but it’s not a Lush Christmas Gift Guide without some kind of bath product, and the one I picked out is the very adorable Lush Holly Golightly Bubble Bar*. This is a MASSIVE bubble bar, and although I found it a little hard to crumble I managed to break off about a third which was plenty for my bath. Although it’s coated in silver shimmer, it’s actually bright green inside, which turns your bathwater a gorgeous shimmery green. This is actually one of my favourite colours I’ve experienced from Lush baths!

Lush Christmas Gift GuideI do find the Lush Holly Golightly Bubble Bar a bit difficult to handle at first because of the shimmer (photographing was an issue) but once it’s dissolved into the bath it’s absolutely wonderful. The scent is also really yummy, and the ingredients include clove, patchouli, lime, cinnamon and sweet orange oil which give it a scent Lush describes as a “boozy tub of warm Christmas fruit punch” (but without the actual alcoholic scent I disliked in Ponche last year). Honestly, the only issue with picking up one of these bubble bars is that when you fall in love with it, like all the products in this Lush Christmas Gift Guide, it’s limited edition.

Lush Christmas Gift GuideOne of the things I love about the holiday season is the massive release of amazing Christmas products from Lush, and although I’ve included three in my Lush Christmas Gift Guide, there are plenty more available. If you’re not sure which ones to pick up, you might as well get them all…

Will you be grabbing any of these releases from Lush this Christmas?

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