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Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar Review

I absolutely love my bubbles, but after experiencing Lush bath bombs, I’ve got to admit their bubble bars are definitely less exciting. That said, the scent and shimmer of Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar* drew me.

lush candy mountain 1

A pearly white and shimmery pink polka-dot swirl creation, Lush Candy Mountain is perfectly named because of its shape and its scent. It’s shaped like a mountain, and it definitely smells like candy. Yum. Make a perfume with this scent and I would honestly wear it every day.

lush candy mountain 2

Lush Candy Mountain is made with fair trade vanilla absolute, and has the same scent as the permanent the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar and Rock Star Soap, both of which are also pink. I don’t think it smells like pure vanilla, it actually really reminds me of cotton candy. While I haven’t tried any other products in this scent, but they’ve definitely got my attention (especially the soap!) for when Christmas is over and Lush Candy Mountain is gone until next year. I really like how Lush has used permanent scents in their Limited Edition creations so that if you fall in love with one you can keep using it year-round.

lush candy mountain 3

It’s a minor complaint, but a little problem I had with the Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar was the fact that the shimmer gets all over your hands when you touch it. Even adjusting it for these photos made such a shimmery mess. It also was a bit hard to find an easy place to break it because I don’t think you need a whole bubble bar, but I managed to cut mine in half.

lush candy mountain 4

The Lush Candy Mountain is $7.45 for 100 g, which is more expensive than the Lush Shoot the Stars bath bomb (which is $6.95 for 200 g!) that I’m obsessed with, and even though I really like it, I think I’d rather spend the same amount of money on the Rock Star Soap ($7.95 for 100 g), which is the same scent and would last me a lot more than 2 baths.

lush candy mountain 5

When I added in my Lush Candy Mountain the water immediately started to bubble, but after all the bath bomb special effects I was a little disappointed that was it. There’s a lot of shimmer in the bar and it does add a “light” to the water in that makes sense–– it’s not like huge chunks of glitter, just a nice glean, but again, my crummy bathroom lighting is just not the best for capturing it on camera. It was also less shimmery than I expected given how much rubbed off on me when I touched it. One of the great things about Lush is this year they have gotten rid of all plastic glitter in their products and replaced it with environmentally friendly shimmer.

lush candy mountain 6Overall, I definitely enjoyed my Lush Candy Mountain bubble bar, and I plan to pick up more items in this scent in the future, but given the price and the amount of product there are other products I would choose to repurchase first.

How do you feel about shimmer in your bathtub? Have you tried any of Lush’s Christmas goodies yet?

*PR Samples

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