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Lush Boxing Day Haul

I often take “haul” photos of things that I’ve bought and then honestly fail to write up posts about them. Well, given that I’m not supposed to be buying anything else (at least for now) it’s time to start using and enjoying some of those products I have bought, so I figured I might as well share what some of them are. I actually managed to do a Lush Boxing Day Haul in two different continents, so this is a sneak peek at my “Europe Haul” as well (which is very ridiculous and at least this way there are a few less things I need to include in it!)

Lush Boxing Day HaulFirst up is what I grabbed in Europe, mainly because apparently I failed to photos of the contents and just took photos of the packaging. Ah well. Anyway when I got to London I was lucky that the first Lush we went into still had plenty of things left on 50% off for Boxing Day (unlike North America where it was buy one get one free, I much prefer this type of sale!) I already knew what I had ordered online in Canada, plus I had limited luggage space, so I had to be good with my Lush Boxing Day Haul.

I grabbed a Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (one of the Christmas ones I hadn’t tried), along with a Lush Shooting Stars gift set. They were all sold out of the Lush Shoot for the Stars bath bombs I love (see my review here) but this gift set contains one, so of course I had to get it. It also has a full size package of Gold FUN (see my review here) in the Honey I Washed the Kids scent that I love, along with a Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt (which I featured here) and a chunk of Rock Star soap that smells amazing. I know that I love all the products in this set, so it was an easy buy. I somehow restrained myself from picking up the rose-themed gift set as well, if only because I now have 600 mL of Rose Jam Shower Gel (see my review here) and probably don’t need any more…

Lush Boxing Day Haul 2 Lush Boxing Day Haul 1

From North American Boxing Day Sales, I grabbed two more gift sets online from Lush. My mom also got each one, along with two more of the Zing one, which meant that we saved on shipping and each paid half price with the sale. The two giftsets I got for my Lush Boxing Day Haul were Treats and Zing, and both seem to be exclusive to Christmas although most of what they contain are permanent products.

Lush Boxing Day Haul 3

The Lush Treat Giftset contains a bar of Snowcake soap (which I love, see my review here), another package of Gold FUN (I’ll be having lots of FUN this year), From Dusk ’til Dawn Massage Bar, Buffy Body Butter, Sikkim Girls Body Lotion, and a little sample of Gorgeous Facial Moisturizer. I am really excited to try everything out and will definitely post reviews as I do. Even with Limited Edition products, Lush often brings them back the following year, so I figure it will still be useful to have reviews to refer to.

Lush Boxing Day Haul 4

The final thing I purchased in my Lush Boxing Day Haul was a Zing gift set. It was pretty small and comes with two items: Orange Jelly soap and Ocean Salt scrub. I have heard great things about the ocean scrub, and love citrus scents, so I definitely wanted to try this set. The Ocean Salt isn’t a full size, but it’s a permanent part of the Lush collection, so this gift set was a great way to test it out.

And shockingly, that’s it for my Lush Boxing Day Haul. I know that is a lot of Lush, but I enjoy their products and I’ll definitely have enough to last me for quite awhile. Boxing Day is the only Lush sale I know of, so it’s an amazing time to pick things up!

Did you grab anything from the Lush Boxing Day Sale? Let me know what you think of my haul and if there’s anything you want reviewed first! I can’t wait to try it all out.

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