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Lush Bombardino Review

Lush Bombardino Bath Bomb* was the second bath bomb I tested out from the Lush Christmas collection and after how much I loved Shoot For The Stars, believe me I was worried that no other product would even come close. Although Lush Bombardino didn’t beat Shoot For The Stars for my top spot, I did really enjoy using it.

Lush Bombardino 4

First off, how cute is this little guy? As evidence by my Pumkin review, I am a sucker for the little Lush creatures, and this is no exception. The one problem with faces like this is that they use chocolate chips for the eyes, which generally don’t dissolve in your bath and can be a bit gross afterwards. That said, I’m always going to rinse down my tub after a bath (especially with a bath bomb like this!) so it’s not a big deal, just something to note.

Lush Bombardino 5

But as cute as he looks, Lush Bombardino smells even better. Oh my, delicious. I want to bottle him into a perfume but sadly the scent is not a part of the permanent collection and it’s only around for the holidays. Lush Bombardino is modeled after a drink poplar in Italian ski resorts with a yellow liquid and white froth on top–sound familiar? It contains Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla absolute and the end result is a lemon-cheesecake scent, with is soft and sweet and amazing. The lemon is a sweet, not a sour lemon, and there’s also lots of cocoa butter which adds to the lovely, warming, scent.

Lush Bombardino 6

When I added Lush Bombardino to my bath I went for all in one bath because he’s significantly smaller than Shoot for the Stars and I didn’t see the same visible “fault line” to break it up among. In fact, this bath bomb is only 90 g compared to Shoot for the Stars which is 200 g and $1.70 more, so in terms of cost-effectiveness, I think you’re partially paying for adorableness here.

Lush Bombardino 1

Lush Bombardino immediately began dissolving when I added him to the bath and probably dissolved quicker than any other Lush bath product I’ve used. There was a bit of foam but mostly there was just the delicious scent and the water changed colour. Lush has definitely won me over with some of their water colour changes but sadly I just can’t get on board with yellow water. I wish that like Lord of Misrule there was a separate color inside the bath bomb to tweak it a bit.

Lush Bombardino 2

In addition to the colour change, there turns out there is lots of gold shimmer in Lush Bombardino, but I didn’t especially notice it while I was taking the bath. This has happened to me before, and I think it’s just because of the crummy lighting in my bathroom. There was definitely loads of shimmer at the bottom of my tub afterwards, but cleaning it up wasn’t a lot of work and it didn’t stain or anything.

In terms of the effectiveness of Lush Bombardino, he’s definitely a hit. There are loads of essential oils that are incredibly smoothing and soothing on the skin, especially in combination with all that cocoa butter and it left my skin incredibly soft and moisturized. It would definitely be a nice treat after a day out in the dry cold!

Lush Bombardino 3

Personally, Lush Bombardino was a mixed bag for me. I find other bath bombs more cost effective and the colour change of the water was off-putting to me. However the scent is just so amazing, and the bath itself is really lovely, so although I’d be more likely to repurchase Shoot for the Stars, I do see the appeal this cute little guy has. I also definitely want to try a Bombardino drink now, yum!

*PR Sample

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