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Lush Blousey Shampoo and Lush Retread Conditioner

Lush Blousey Shampoo and Lush Retread Conditioner 5I love Lush and although I only have a little experience with their haircare, I’m always looking to try more. Well, I’m always looking to try anything from Lush… But in terms of hair, my main concern is moisture. I have curly hair that easily gets frizzy and a scalp that easily gets dry, so anything that boosts moisture and tames my mane. Lush Blousey Shampoo* and Lush Retread Conditioner* both promise exactly that.

Lush Blousey Shampoo and Lush Retread Conditioner 2Lush Blousey Shampoo comes in one of the brand’s classic black tubs (I love these because if you collect 5 you can exchange them for a fresh face mask!) and is a gentle shampoo intended for damaged hair, locking in moisture and filled with nourishing ingredients. I don’t dye my hair but I do straighten it occasionally, and it can definitely use a little extra love from shampoo.

Lush Blousey Shampoo has no preservatives in it, but instead using bananas to keep it fresh. It’s also vegan! I actually don’t like the scent of bananas, but the cloves, star anise and other ingredients mean it doesn’t smelly strictly of banana, although it does have a distinct scent. Although I don’t mind it, I don’t find I can smell it after I shower anyway. Another great shampoo for dry hair that I love the scent of is Lush Fair Trade Honey shampoo (reviewed here) but I think I prefer the results of this one!

I really love the effect Lush Blousey Shampoo has not only on my hair, but also on my scalp, which was feeling quite dried out before I started using this shampoo. I definitely still need to use conditioner with it, but it’s been a nice change and I would recommend it not only for people with damaged hair, but also with dry scalp.

Lush Blousey Shampoo and Lush Retread ConditionerEven though Lush Blousey Shampoo is quite gentle, I definitely still need to follow up with a conditioner because my hair is pretty dry! The perfect one for that job is Lush Retread Conditioner. I already own a big bottle of Lush Okra Conditioner, and although I’m a huge fan, it’s a retro (online-only) product about to be discontinued, so I was excited to see how an easily accessible alternative would manage in comparison.

Like Blousey, Lush Retread Conditioner comes in a black tub and promises serious conditioning for dry and frizzy hair. It’s incredibly thick and filled with softening ingredients like fresh canteloupe, yoghurt, and three different oils (olive, jojoba and avocado). I’m not a big on the scent, but I love the results. I use it all over my hair but do focus on the bottom half and the dry ends. I like to leave it in for a couple minutes just to make sure my hair absorbs all that moisture before I rinse it out.

I do have dry hair, but I don’t find that Lush Retread Conditioner weighs it down in a bad way, it just leaves super shiny and soft. That said, for me this conditioner isn’t so intense that I can’t use it every time I wash my hair (every few days). It really leaves my hair feeling healthy.

Lush Blousey Shampoo and Lush Retread Conditioner 3When just using the Lush Blousey Shampoo and Lush Retread Conditioner I can actually get away without any additional styling products, although I still prefer to use some to add definition to my curls. These products are definitely a treat for my hair and my head. Have you ever tried any Lush haircare before?

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