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Lush Beautiful Shower Gel

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel 3I know everyone is pretty distracted by the all the Lush holiday products available now–and so am I–but there are also some great products that were recently added to the permanent lineup. That way, when you fall in love with the Lush Beautiful Shower Gel*, you can pick it up year-round.

Lush Beautiful Shower GelThe Lush Beautiful Shower Gel is an amber shade filled with golden shimmer. Unfortunately, I do find it difficult (at least when the bottle is full) to shake it up and distribute the shimmer, but I still get some when I use it and it’s very pretty. The yellow tones of the shower gel may lightly stain if you leave it on for too long, which I noticed after “swatching” it for this post, but I haven’t had any issues when using it in the shower.

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel 2 As much as I love a little shimmer, the Lush Beautiful Shower Gel wasn’t going to win me over without an amazing scent, and I love this one. It’s the same fragrance as the Lush 1000 Kisses Deep perfume, which doesn’t appear to be available anymore, but I would definitely be interested if it was. The scent is a very fresh, juicy peach with added sweetness from apricots and warmth from myrrh resinoid which I can smell strongly in the shower, and lightly on my skin afterwards.

Lush Beautiful Shower Gel 4The Lush Beautiful Shower Gel has a slightly thicker consistency that lathers great and doesn’t dry out my skin. It also has a delicious peachy scent, and it looks really pretty. Definitely happy Lush added this one to their lineup! Now about those Holiday products…

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