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Lush Angel’s Delight Soap

Lush Angel’s Delight Soap* is a very yummy (and pretty) bar soap but it’s only around for the holidays. It’s very fruity, which isn’t as traditional for winter but it is delicious. This soap basically smells like a fruity drink I want to sip. Also, I accidentally wrote “tastes like” the first time I was writing that sentence so… that tells you how I feel about it.

Lush Angel's Delight 2

Lush Angel’s Delight comes in a rainbow wheel of soap so every slice is different and although mine isn’t the most exciting you can tell that there’s two shades of pink in it. Like I said, the scent is very fruity and sweet. It includes tangerine oil as an ingredient, and you can definitely tell.

Lush Angel's Delight 3

In terms of how the soap works, well, it keeps me clean! It is one of Lush’s “clear” soaps instead of the more creamy ones like Lush Snowcake so if you’re looking for something insanely moisturizing I’d grab that from their Christmas collection instead. That said, Lush Angel’s Delight definitely lathers well and I find that it doesn’t melt quite as quickly either, which is nice.

Lush Angel's Delight 1

I never really used much bar soap in the past but soaps like this definitely have me happily change my ways, at least until they run out. Lush Angel’s Delight smells edible, lathers well, and looks pretty. Definitely recommend it as a last minute gift if you’re still shopping, and it’s definitely one I’ll have my eye on for any post Boxing Day sales (though there’s no guarantee it’ll last until then). Full price it’s still pretty affordable at $6 for 100 g (the size in these pictures).

Lush Angel's Delight 4Do you use bar soap? Have you tried Lush Angel’s Delight soap? Let me know in the comments and come back (hopefully tomorrow) for my final Lush Christmas review!

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