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Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner

Lush African Paradise Body ConditionerIf you’ve been around Writing Whimsy awhile you probably already know this about me, but I love Lush. You might even call me a Lushie, which is a term for a person who really loves the brand and knows a lot about it. I definitely meet that criteria, so I was really excited to try out two of their new releases, Granny Takes A Dip* (reviewed here) and Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner*.

Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner  3Previously, Lush had only one Body Conditioner, and it was rose-scented but surprisingly I never owned it (probably cause I was never quite sure what it did), which made it even more exciting to try out Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner. It turns out the way body conditioners actually work is that you apply it to your skin while you’re still in the shower, leave it on for a few minutes (I do it while I’m also conditioning my hair!) then rinse away. When you dry after you’ll realize your skin is super soft and you won’t need to apply any moisturizer. I can be pretty lazy about applying moisturizer after I shower, but somehow it seems so much easier to do it this way!

Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner  2It’s hard to describe the scent of Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner, because while it smells more floral in the container, after the shower it leaves my skin with a softer, sweeter scent. The ingredients include almond oil, moringa oil, fresh aloe gel and shea butter. It’s also got some vanilla in it along with cocoa butter and fresh mango juice, given it that warming scent. It has no preservatives in it, and all the ingredients work to nourish and brighten your skin. I definitely find there is a scent left behind after the shower, but it is not overwhelming and I really like it.

Lush African Paradise Body ConditionerMy only complaint for Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner is the same as for most hair masks as well, the pot format isn’t ideal in the shower (and this product is definitely intended for the shower as you don’t want your body immediately submerged after applying). That said, I love the results so much I’m happy to deal with the inconvenience, because it leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished afterwards. Using the Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner is like applying a very decadent moisturizer that gets deep into your skin, and the best part is, you can do it in the shower.

Have you ever tried a body conditioner before? What do you think of Lush African Paradise Body Conditioner?

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