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L’Oreal Party Hop Swatch and Review (Ft LA Colors)

Sorry for the absence guys, I really need to take Kalyn‘s advice and start scheduling posts and although I have a debate tournament this weekend, hopefully I’ll have a chance to do a couple. Hopefully! But I thought I’d share something a little fun today which was my first (successful) attempt at nail stamping using L’Oreal Party Hop along with an LA Colors polish my friend had.

l'oreal party hop 1

These nails are the results of a “girly” night, and LA Colors often comes without a name on the bottle, so I have no idea what the stamping colour is but it was nice and opaque and worked great for stamping. I think it provided a nice contrast to L’Oreal Party Hop, which despite being my favourite colour (purple– in case that wasn’t insanely obvious) I absolutely hated.

l'oreal party hop 2

These are a bit older, but in these photos I believe I’m wearing 4 coats of L’Oreal Party Hop. And yes, I covered it up with stamping, but it is still sheer! Ugh. Just not impressed.

l'oreal party hop 4

In terms of the stamping, I learned a valuable lesson. The metal plates I bought (off Ebay, I believe) are the reason I couldn’t stamp before. My stamper never picked up any of the polish, it basically all got wiped away, probably because the engravings weren’t deep enough. Yes, my stamping is terrible in these photos, but it was so easy! And by the end I was (sorta) getting the hang of it. I really can’t believe it. I might not be wearing L’Oreal Party Hop again, but I will definitely be buying new plates and stamping in the future.

l'oreal party hop 3

Oh and for a polish that was so much work to put on, L’Oreal Party Hop was was even MORE work to remove. The shimmer just went all over my hands and left them sparkly and I really had to scrub to get the polish off, I basically ended up getting off 99% and adding my base coat for my next manicure and hoping for the best! That’s the kind of behaviour I’m used to if I’ve worn a dark red, not a lavender! Yeah, L’Oreal Party Hop went into the “swap or give to friend” bag for good… it looked so pretty, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Have you tried nail art stamping before? I promise to get better if I decide to keep sharing my “experiments”.

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