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Little Life Box Review: November 2015

Little Life Box November 2015 Box 2As much as I love beauty subscription boxes, I do have a lot of makeup (shocking, I know) so I really enjoyed the Little Life Box August 2015 box, which was filled with great food and snacks, as an alternative. Little Life Box recently rebranded, and today I have their first box after the the relaunched, the Little Life Box November 2015 Box* to share with you.

Little Life Box November 2015 Box I actually didn’t have any issues with the old Little Life Box, but I really love the cute new logo the brand has. Inside the box there were two cards (definitely an improvement over the huge amount of paper I got last time) but because the boxes vary, all the product information is available on their website instead. The website has also been overhauled, and I find it much easier to navigate and learn about the products in the box now. Great job!

The only thing I’m disappointed about is the lack of unique tissue paper…I hope that Little Life Box brings it back for the December box!

Little Life Box November 2015 Box 3There are a ton of products in the Little Life Box November 2015 Box, so I have tried to divide it up based on product type, starting with the sample sizes. Even though I’d always prefer larger products, I think Little Life Box makes good use of the foil packet, for things like tea and protein powder, where a single use does give you a good idea of the product.

My samples included the Redmond Trading Company Earthpaste Natural Toothpaste (x2), Weleda Arnica Massage Oil, Amazing Grass Raw Reserve Berry (x2), Four O’clock Gingerbread Tea (X2) and Almond Biscotti (x2) and Real Salt Sea Salt Shaker.

I’m not a big fan of natural toothpaste or the Amazing Grass products I’ve tried before, although they do fit very well with the Little Life Box theme, however I’m really excited about those seasonal teas!

Little Life Box November 2015 Box 6Every box includes a couple non-edible products and the Little Life Box November 2015 Box has a very nice Urban Spa Nail Brush, as well as Sniffle Stick in Seabuckthorn. I think the Sniffle Stick idea is so cool, it basically contains essential oils so you can use it like Vicks to help as a decongestant. Perfect for this time of year!

Little Life Box November 2015 Box 4My two favourite products in the Little Life Box November 2015 Box are probably the Simply7 Quinoa Chips in Sea Salt–which I have purchased before and devoured immediately after this photo–as well as the Elan Organic Sunflower Seeds. I really love these unsalted seeds and I will be adding them to my salads until they run out!

Little Life Box November 2015 Box 5 Next up are a couple snacks that were also devoured soon after opening the Little Life Box November 2015 Box. I couldn’t try the Rawnata Flax Crackers myself because I have celiac disease, but my boyfriend took them for lunch and unfortunately said they weren’t very flavourful. I did eat the Planima Hazelnut Cacao + Maca bar and although I wasn’t a huge fan because I don’t like dates, it does make a good protein-filled sweet treat.

Little Life Box November 2015 Box 7 Finally, the Little Life Box November 2015 Box came with two protein filled options. First is the PB&Me Powdered Peanut Butter which I am actually so excited for. I have been very curious about powdered peanut butters, but haven’t seen them in store and often they contain gluten. I don’t like peanut butter in my smoothies, but I will be testing this out on toast soon to see how it compares.

Finally, there’s the Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix which I think is a great idea and a cool addition to the box, although not gluten-free so I won’t be eating them.

Little Life Box November 2015 Box 9 To be honest, I don’t think there’s a huge difference to the rebranded Little Life Box November 2015 Box in comparison to August. The design is a little sleeker, and the website is definitely easier to use, but the contents are just as good! I’m most excited about the powdered peanut butter, sunflower seeds, and quinoa chips.

If you are looking for a health and food subscription I definitely recommend Little Life Box, and there’s even a vegan option. The box costs $19.95/month plus shipping, which is totals $24.90/month for any province in Canada. You can save even more with a longer subscription. What do you think  of Little Life Box?

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