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Little Life Box Review: August 2015

Little Life Box Review August 2015 9I just love subscription boxes, but the truth is even though I still sometimes get swayed by Julep (for example, last month…) I have a ton of makeup and can usually resist their lure. But, there’s nothing more fun than some surprise mail, so I’ve been taking a closer look at some non-beauty monthly subscription boxes, and one of those is the Little Life Box*.

Little Life Box Review August 2015 8The Little Life Box is a monthly subscription that sends you up to a dozen healthy alternative products, including snacks, cosmetics, supplements and more. I have a Little Life Box August Box, but they do vary in content, especially for first timers (like me) but will always have a good value. I received the regular box, but you can opt for a vegan option as well!

Little Life Box Review August 2015 7My first impression of the Little Life Box was really positive. It comes well packaged in some gorgeous tissue paper with a slightly branded postcard. I immediately wanted to dive in when I received the parcel and sadly had to wait until after I ate supper and could take photos–it’s a hard life blogging. As soon as I was able to pear beneath the tissue paper, there were tons of goodies!

Inside my Little Life Box was a mix of edibles and body care with a definite focus on things you could eat. That’s perfect for me, because I get the fun of a subscription, without a ton of things that sit around–instead they are in my stomach.

Little Life Box Review August 2015 6The Little Life Box is also loaded with coupon and info cards from the brands included. However, there’s no actual product card for the subscription. Instead, you can easily get information about the products in your box on their website. I do wish they would save on the paper though, but I guess the brands they work with like this for promotional purposes.

Little Life Box Review August 2015 4In terms of the non-edible bits of my Little Life Box, there were four different products. There were two little EFFI Purple Exclusive Emulsion with Soothing and Revitalizing Effects, which I did use but it’s hard to notice long term differences with foil packets. I also got a backup Steripod, which I reviewed recently and I’ll definitely save my new one for travel, although I find it a little strange for a ‘sustainable’ box since it’s 100% disposable. Then there’s a Tolan Lavender Infused Shampoo, which had a lovely scent. Finally, I was super excited to find a sunscreen, especially in a box during a month where I am using a ton of it, but the Natural Sunscreen by Goddess Garden Organics is strongly scented, strangely runny, and basically impossible to blend it.

Little Life Box Review August 2015Where the Little Life Box really excelled is with the food, which was amazing. I’ve actually purchased the Mrs. Crimbles Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes before, so I knew they were good and immediately started eating them after taking this photo. They are gluten-free and just as yummy as I remember. I tend to drink more ‘complicated’ teas but the Level Ground Black Tea is very strong, rich and lovely and the bag contains quite a lot!

Little Life Box Review August 2015 2In addition to the larger products, there were a few “snack size” goodies in the Little Life Box, which I think is an awesome way to test new things out and also great for taking to work. I couldn’t eat the Annie’s Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bars or Bounce Cacao Mint Protein Bomb because of potential gluten, but I left them both for my boyfriend and they disappeared so they must have been alright!

I did eat the Jimmybar! Peanut Butter Clutter which tasted alright although obviously I prefer snacks with chocolate. I haven’t used up the Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce, but I had no clue the brand made a gluten-free option and I will probably save these for next time I go out for sushi…much easier than stuffing a whole bottle in my purse like I usually do!

Little Life Box Review August 2015 3I was really impressed by the massive box of Sisu Ester-C in Sweet Wildberry, because it contains 30 single serve packets! That said, I did not like the flavour at all, but it’s a great value and could potentially be an awesome product to receive. I was much more excited about the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro70, because I love the brand’s hemp seeds and have such a hard time with protein powders. I love that you get a vanilla and a chocolate to try, and I mixed the vanilla in with a smoothie and it wasn’t bad, definitely something I would consider purchasing to add a boost to my breakfast.

Little Life Box Review August 2015 5Overall, I was really happy with my Little Life Box for August! Of course, not every product was a success, but there were a ton of products, a great range, and I could eat basically all of them. It’s definitely a box I would consider subscribing to in the future, and if it interests you, you can use the code LLB25SUB when signing up for a monthly subscription to get 25% off your first month. The Little Life Box costs $19.95 for a Monthly Subscription, and less if you prepay, plus $4.95 a month for shipping to any province in Canada.

Have you ever tried a non-beauty subscription box? Let me know if you have a favourite, and what you think of Little Life Box!

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