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Lise Watier Alex Collection


Lise Watier Alex CollectionLise Watier Alex Collection is a new limited edition set of three products by YouTuber AlexFashionBeauty, that includes an eyeshadow quartet*, duo blush & glow* and rouge fondant supreme tinted lip balm*. The products have gorgeous rose gold packaging with a chevron design, and follow a similar colour theme inside. Basically, they are stunning.

Lise Watier Alex Collection 3Lise Watier Alex Collection QUATUOR Eyeshadow Quartet was my first experience with the brand’s eyeshadows and I was immediately impressed. These are so creamy and soft they barely feel like powder. The rosy neutral shades are perfect for every day wear, and they look just as gorgeous on the eye as they do swatched. I don’t own the Naked 3, but I sort of feel like I have a perfect travel version of it now!

1-Lise Watier Alex Collection CollageI used all four shades from the Lise Watier Alex Collection QUATUOR Eyeshadow Quartet in my eye look, and I just loved the shimmery softness of them. There’s a gorgeous ivory highlighter that’s perfect for the inner corner, a warm rosy pink that’s great for all over the lid (and conveniently is the largest), a darker burgundy for darkening up the crease, and a matte rosy brown that’s perfect for blending.  These shadows are flawless, the wear is great, and it’s perfect for travel. I am in love!

Lise Watier Alex Collection 2The Lise Watier Alex Collection Duo Blush & Glow also has really impressive powder formulation, and includes a soft pinky champagne highlight that really gives a warm glow to the skin, along with a natural peachy blush. I actually think both these products look gorgeous separately, but you could also swirl them together for a more shimmery blush glow.

Lise Watier Alex Collection 3All the powder products in the Lise Watier Alex Collection have a creamy, pigmented formula that is pretty long-lasting and applies smoothly and evenly on the skin. If this is what Lise Watier powder products are like, I want them all!

Lise Watier Alex Collection 4Finally, no mini collection would be complete without a lip product and this one contains the Lise Watier Alex Collection Rouge Fondant Supreme, which is a tinted pink balm with gold shimmer. The packaging is amazing and it is very comfortable to wear, but it didn’t blow me away like the other two products did. However, it is really nice, and I love how well the three products to together, so of course I created a look using the entire Lise Watier Alex Collection to show it in action.

Lise Watier Alex Collection 4I really love it, especially that eye shadow, wow! I think the Lise Watier Alex Collection is perfect trio of products for daily wear, and it might have even sold me over to the pink eyeshadow side. The products are all have a fantastic formula, and I think they would work on a wide variety of skin tones.

Lise Watier Alex Collection 2This is the first time Lise Watier has collaborated with an outside artistic director for a collection, and based on my experience with the Lise Watier Alex Collection, I really hope it’s not the last! Everything from the gorgeous packaging, to perfect formula and shades inside, is a hit for me. What do you think of the Lise Watier Alex Collection?

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