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Lifestyle Haul

Lifestyle Haul 7This is a bit of a different haul, because there are actually no beauty items in it. It’s also not just tea. Instead I wanted to share some things I’ve picked up lately from Chapters (although there is a Winner’s product in the mix, and a bunch of tea) that I really love. So, let’s call it a “Lifestyle Haul”. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more of these. The good thing is unlike beauty hauls, I feel like I can pretty much give a review of the products at the same time, because I don’t have to “test” out a book the same way I do an eyeshadow. But now onto what I actually picked up…

Lifestyle Haul 2Okay this sounds just like a regular DAVIDsTEA Haul but hey look, some holiday tea! There’s Sugar Plum Forest, Bubbie’s Baklava and Eggnog, all of which are limited edition so go grab them now if you are like me and have no self-restraint when it comes to limited edition tea. You won’t regret it!

Lifestyle Haul 5Now that it’s officially 2015 I can’t wait to start using my new agenda! I swear that I will actually use it this year, because it’s pretty and it has a space for to-do lists on the right side each week. I feel like this will work a lot better than my random post-it notes everywhere, provided I actually stick with it (and don’t lose it two weeks in).

Lifestyle Haul 4Next up is a 5-year journal I’m really excited about. Basically there’s a question on each day, and you answer it for five years, then you can go back and compare your answers and think about how old you when you’re suddenly 31 years old which is what I will be in five years. Yikes.

Lifestyle Haul 3I got the original Underwater Dogs book for my birthday two years ago (requested) when it was published, so I had to pick up the follow up Underwater Puppies. They are just as freaking adorable. Everyone needs this book. Just not my copy, I’m keeping it.

Lifestyle Haul 6I was given a giftcard to Winners for my birthday, so the real lifestyle aspect of this Lifestyle Haul is this Chesapeake Bay Candle in Fig & Pomegranate, which smells amazing, looks gorgeous, but sadly burns quite unevenly so I suspect there will be quite a bit of wax left at the end.

Lifestyle HaulWell, the introduction was about the same length as the rest of this Lifestyle Haul, so now that we’re done with that, why don’t you tell me if you use a paper agenda or not? And also, if you own Underwater Puppies and if not, why haven’t you ordered it?

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