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Lifestyle Haul (With Jodi from Up The Rollercoaster)

Lifestyle Haul 4 Last Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few hours with the incredibly lovely Jodi from Up The Rollercoaster. You can read more about that in my Sunday Summary. But what do two beauty bloggers do when they meet up? Well some shopping of course! We are both trying to keep the makeup spending under control for 2015, so most of the damage was elsewhere, hence, a Lifestyle Haul instead.

Lifestyle Haul 3One of the stores I was most excited about visiting was definitely Bath and Body Works. I’d had a lot of self-restraint online during their semi annual sale because of the crummy shipping, but I desperately wanted some yummy candles. The bottom three were 3 for $33.50, and the top one was $10.50, plus I saved 10% with my student card, so overall I was happy with the prices. I know BBW candles can be a bit pricey, but some of the scents are great and I have had good experiences with them burning evenly. I’m forcing myself to put these away till I burn up some more Christmas scents, but I cannot wait to pull them out–especially the watermelon and peach ones, SO GOOD.

Lifestyle Haul 2I also had money left on a Lush giftcard from my boyfriend so I went in to buy all the Unicorn Horn Bath Bombs. And was sadly let down by the fact that the store was sold out. However, I did get a few things with Jodi’s guidance, such as the Eau Roma Water which is a rose water toner/facial mist, the Comforter Bubble Bar (since I loved Brightside so much) and my very first fresh face mask in Catastrophe Cosmetic. I’ve used the mask and it is awesome, although definitely a bit drying, so spraying with the mist and adding a moisturizer afterwards were ideal. I kinda want to try all their fresh face masks now though, guess I’ll have to go back to the city!

Lifestyle HaulFinally, I fell off my “no buy” with my first makeup purchase of 2015. AND I REGRET NOTHING. I’ve been wanting to try the Mac Lipstick in Capricious for months but the store was always busy or I lived in the middle of nowhere, so this was my first chance to see what it looked like applied. Of course I loved it. It’s in the same family as my favourites Syrup and Plumful–the latter of which I got Jodi to buy!–and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Plus now it’s the lipstick I bought when I met Jodi. Just like Cosmo is the lipstick I bought when I met Natalie. Maybe each fellow blogger I meet will have their own Mac lipstick?

As a side note, I also bought tea, but let’s not talk about that.

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