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Lies My Father Told Me Playlist

As my novel, Lies My Father Told Me, gets increasingly close to querying– my soft deadline was April and it’s looking totally reasonable– I decided to share some of the music that helped me write it. I have a very specific way of listening to music while I write, one I recently learned I’m not totally unique in as Alex Brown does the same thing. But basically I have to listen to the same song on repeat dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of times. So for that reason my playlist is pretty short. The music has to blur away so I can focus on my own words and not the song, though it often does help to have the melody in the background, somehow it helps me maintain a certain mindset and keeps the flow of the novel for me.


In sum, Lies My Father Told Me has been influenced by five different songs, which I listened to in the following order. They were all songs I hadn’t listened to before writing this novel, though I have been drafting since November, so iTunes will tell me exactly how many times I listened to them also, which was basically only while drafting, although sometimes while drafting and actually procrastinating on Twitter. If I added up all the song lengths and multiplied I could maybe even figure out the approximate amount of time I’ve spent on Lies. That would be interesting.


Anyway, I’m going to include YouTube videos so you can listen to songs where possible, even if there isn’t an official music video.


My playlist is:
  1. Intro by The xx (xx) – Listened to 166 times
  2. Bigger Than Love by Benjamin Gibbard (Former Lives) – Listened to 50 times, although some of these times may have been when taking a break from song #3, and not all before.
  3. Dream Song by Benjamin Gibbard (Former Lives) – Listened to 370 times, not entirely in a row because I sometimes come back to it even now, but definitely the majority of the times were one after another.
  4. Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (Up From Below)- Listened to 60 times
  5. Fix Me Up (feat. Zach Sobiech & Sammy Brown) by A Firm Handshake (Fix Me Up) – Listened to 147 times
Although much of the first draft was written listening to Intro for the self-titled CD by the xx, as these numbers make obvious, the major inspirational song for Lies My Father Told Me was definitely Dream Song by Benjamin Gibbard. It was such an inspiration that whenever I played it when my boyfriend was around, he would look at me and say I must be writing. And I was.


There’s something so amazing about how one kind of art can inspire another. If you write, do you have a repeat-addiction like I do? What music is inspiring your words lately? And even if you don’t write, have you heard any of these songs? If not, definitely check them out. They are all a bit low-key, and all incredibly beautiful… just like the book they inspired, I hope! 🙂
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