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Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum

Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum  3It’s pretty clear from my blog that I love fragrance, and I’m always searching for the perfect seasonal scent. Guys, I found my fall scent, and shockingly enough it is Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum*!

Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum  2As you would expect from her fragrance, the packaging on Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum is unforgettable. The perfume liquid is actually black, and when you spray it onto your skin you might notice a hint of darkness but once I rub my wrists together it quickly disappears. The bottle itself looks incredibly gorgeous and dangerous, definitely a great product to display as well as use.

Lady Gaga Fame Eau De ParfumLady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum is a unisex scent, composed of three main accords, rather than the usual pyramid structure that fragrances are built on. It is has a strong honey element to it, as well as a sweet floral. It is quite a strong fragrance so I only need one spray and it lasts me all day–about 10 to 11 hours! It’s a heavier, warming and sweet scent that makes me think of just starting to bundle up as the weather cools. Having read the fragrance description online I was very interested in trying out Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum but I’m honestly impressed by how much I like it and considering my bottle is only 15 mL I have already looked into purchasing more (even though I never ever need another bottle of perfume!)

I’ll be putting together a Fall Fragrance Guide in the next couple weeks, but you can definitely expect to see Lady Gaga Fame Eau De Parfum on it! Having tried this fragrance makes me very interested for Lady Gaga’s newest launch, Eau de Gaga which will be released in February 2015.

Do you have any favourite celebrity perfumes? I also love the ones from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift!

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