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LA Girls Millennium Swatch and Review

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These swatches are a tad older as I’m at the beach and still have a salon-done manicure from my friend’s wedding on my fingers. LA Girls Millennium isn’t the most summery colour, but I do love my purples and I think this one has a lovely finish and looks great with my skintone. And it was only 3 or 4 dollars!LA Girls Millennium Swatch 4
The bottle for LA Girls Millennium feels heavy but it actually contains 14 mL which is about average for a full size bottle, many even have 15 mL. I bought this polish online from cherryculture when they had a really great sale but I’ve seen LA Girls, which is a branch of LA Colors (whose polish, Fun in the Sun, here), in stores as well. Like I said, very affordable polish.

LA Girls Millennium Swatch 3

LA Girls Millennium is described as a metallic finish and the deep purple does have a foil to it with bits of silver–more obvious in the bottle but definitely visible on my nails as well. It’s very opaque (1-2 coats) and easy to use. I think it would work great for nail art stamping once I pick up some new plates.

LA Girls Millennium swatch 1

There are a few other shades in the metallic collection, but LA Girls Millennium was the only one that really caught my attention and checking them out again, I still feel that way. I love the bits of silver when it hits the light the right way.

LA Girls Millennium Swatch 2

Anyway, I have a lot of posts in the work and hopefully I’ll be back to normal scheduling by the end of the week, I head back home on Sunday most likely. I have a huge batch of mail waiting for me and I’m crossing my fingers none of it gets returned to sender! There’s also a bunch of nail polish on its way to me, so who knows when I’ll be wearing LA Girls Millennium again… polish addict problems, right?

What do you think of LA Girls Millennium? Have you picked up any LA Colors polishes?

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