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LA Girl Splatter Swatches: Sputter and Spotted

In my final batch (for now anyway) of LA Girl polishes, I have some awesome, unusual glitter toppers to share with you. The LA Girl Splatter collection is neat because it includes a bunch of glitters that combine white and glitters of another colour in different sizes together. I can’t think of a lot of mainstream polishes with white glitter in them, so I think that gives these shades a bit of an edge to them. The two that I was sent, LA Girl Sputter* and LA Girl Spotted* are probably the two LA Girl Splatter polishes I would have picked out for myself, so I’m really happy to share them with you.

la girl sputterla girl sputter 4la girl sputter 2la girl sputter 3

First I have LA Girl Sputter, a purple and white glitter featured black (Sally Hansen Black Out), purple (LA Colors Tropical Breeze), white (Essie Blanc) and blue (Sally Hansen Pacific Blue) with two coats of each. For the topper, I just used one very thick coat, which gave really good, even coverage. I think the LA Girl Splatter polishes are a tiny bit thick, but I actually like that because it means they grab a lot of glitter and there’s no fishing needing. I think LA Girl Sputter looks good over all the shades and I really love the artistic, unique, look that it gives.

la girl spottedla girl spotted 4la girl spotted 2la girl spotted 3

I’ve layered LA Girl Spotted over black, white, neon yellow (LA Colors Flicker) and neon green (LA Colors Mint) with two coats of each base colour. What I love the most about black and white glitters like this is that you can basically layer it over anything and it’ll look amazing, but I think it’s especially fun over a neon shade. LA Girl Spotted would look amazing over red as well. Application was similar to my other LA Girl Splatter polish, one nice even coat though it was a tiny bit thick, gave perfect coverage. These polishes are loaded with glitter. You definitely need a base colour though, as they will not build to opacity–– not a challenge, I just think you’d need a billion coats.

I actually love all the polishes in the LA Girl Splatter collection, and I would happily pick up any of them. I love using glitters on top of creme bases because it makes removal so much easier than using a glitter inside a jelly, for example. I know when I featured LA Girl before people said they didn’t know where to find it, and although I have seen the brand at some dollar stores or Lawtons drug store, I usually just grab mine online at Cherry Culture, as they are $4 each or less depending on the shade and there are often good sales (right now is 20% off everything).

Do you have a favourite glitter toppper? Let me know what you think of the LA Girl Splatter collection? There’s a red shade (Speckle) and a pink one (Sprinkle) that are also calling my name at the moment…

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