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LA Girl Sand Blast Swatches: Sandy Beach and Sands of Time

I recently fell in love with textured polishes thanks to Zoya Pixie Dust (check out my swatch of Miranda here!) so I was really excited to be sent two polishes from the LA Girl Sand Blast line. I received LA Girl Sandy Beach* and LA Girl Sands of Time*. Also that Zoya Miranda post is funny because I was all nervous about my short nails, and then I grew them out again over the last month but had no time for swatches basically, and then they are done to nothing again as of today due to stress.  These photos are from when I was still growing them out, but like I said, back to square 0, so except lots of nubbins if I ever have time to swatch during daylight hours again…Not that there are many of those these days!

la girl sandy beach 3la girl sandy beach 4la girl sandy beach 2la girl sandy beach

This bright blue LA Girl Sand Blast polish is Sandy Beach, and although it was easy to apply and a great colour, I thought it was a bit weird because you can still see my very tiny VNL. Now my nail line was less visible in person than it is in the photos, but my nails are also really short. So I imagine if you have long nails, it might be more obvious.

I liked LA Girl Sandy Beach, and the LA Girl Sand Blast polishes are a great, affordable version of the texture trend (you can grab them on Cherry Culture for about $4 if you don’t know a place nearby that sells them), but I honestly prefer my texture with glitter. This is the perfect blue for me, I just wish there was some sparkle involved! Luckily, the second LA Girl Sand Blast polish I received hit that mark…

la girl sands of time 4la girl sands of timela girl sands of time 3la girl sands of time 2

Oh I love this polish! LA Girl Sands of Time is a gold texture polish with large glitter in it that just really sparkles. I can also definitely see what these polishes are called “Sand Blast” with a shade like this. With two coats, I also didn’t have any issues with opacity and I swear it’s not just that I was distracted by the sparkle.

I also really like the specific shade of gold that Sands of Time is, it’s not too yellow and I don’t think I have anything like it in my collection. I do think that as an accent nail and the rest of the nails painted a microshimmer red, this would make a gorgeous holiday manicure though!

Unfortunately, the only LA Girl Sand Blast polish with glitter in it is LA Girl Sands of Time, so I won’t be rushing out to grab the ones I’m missing, although they have a nice formula and apply well. I also generally find textures to be quite long lasting, plus they are quick to apply and don’t need a top coat. Perfect for times of stress when you don’t have time for many manicures.

What do you think of the LA Girl Sand Blast collection? How do you prefer your textures: with glitter, without glitter or non-existent?

(Right answer: Everything is better with glitter)

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